Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off to see the Wizard!! On the Road!

The pictures are not in order (that isn't news) Note the huge cross, It is on I75 South of Knoxville.
I called Sticky to come look what I needed done and find out when he could do it. He said he could do it today, He is cutting us a small road (parking place for our storage trailer) then he is moving the trailer for us. I am assuming he is about done now. He sings in a quartet and done a little 'A cappella' ditty he sings using soap opera names. We got a kick out of it. I wanted to stay and watch, I love to watch him work. But the road was calling!!!!

Shirl was taking pictures with her new camera. She was too busy studyig this new thing to sing with Sticky.

Ahhhhhhhh, on the road. I may post this as we ride or wait for us to settle this evening. We are going back to Cleveland, Tennessee, where our friends Fred & Frances live. We have only been corresponding friends since the late 50’s when we were neighbors for a year or so.
Fred was in the Coast Guard I was in the Air Force. During that time Fred felt the ‘call to preach’, I don’t know whether I was inspired or infatuated with the idea, but I too went into the ministry. I pastored a couple churches and built one. Fred on the other hand took pastorate of a mountain church in Tellico Plains, TN. A Mt. church with floors that were near a foot out of level and a big pot bellied stove to heat it. The church prospered and they built a beautiful church to replace the old one.
Fred & Frances stayed in the ministry and were missionaries in Guyana and Africa. I resigned the last church (the one Sherry andI built) and went back into the military, this time trying the US Navy.
( On the road, I had just taken the picture of the large cross. Sherry was driving, I got sleepy. (As a matter of fact I am sitting here dozing now.))
The Brannen’s and Darnell’s ships passed in the night a couple times over the years, but not long enough to stop and reminisce. We had a few days with them last month now we are going back to talk and visit some more.
Fred is a good, honest guy, great qualities for a preacher to have. LOL (Not all preachers have those qualities of course). AND Frances is an angel. Not degrading Fred, but you know us boys MUST have a woman’s guidance.
Funny, also there are other friends in Cleveland. A childhood friend and ex-baseball pitcher from the major leagues, Harold (Woodsie) Woods a South paw from Belmont, NC lives there. We would like to see him. CL Leonard & wife also friends live there. We will take a week, that should start our trip off great.
We plan to see the real Jack Darnell, and possibly his publisher Yvette, of Coker Creek.
Looking forward to this first stop. Thanks for coming by the log. I know your time is valuable the log appreciates some of it.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you enjoy your visits with old friends and that all your travels are safe ones.

Dar said...

Well now, say hello to Fred and Frances for me. He touched my heart with his ramblings about Camp. It brought back such sweet memories of Camp Luther for me when I was a wee youngster. It sounds like you are off to a great start to your 'trip'. Drive careful now, keep the petal to the metal, keep her between the ditches, on the straight and narrow, go with the flow, 10-4 good buddy, and all that jazz. God be with you on your travels.
BlessYourHearts and StaySafe

betty said...

I bet you guys are happy to be on the road again!! sounds like you have a great first stop too to catch up with friends and spend time with them!!


shirl72 said...

Sticky has a good voice and I enjoyed meeting him. Have fun visiting with your friends.
Hope you have a safe trip.


Debbie said...

Have fun on your road trip and visiting friends. Safe travels!

Love ya'll

Paula said...

Have fun! I know you two always do. Now let me see if this goes.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Enjoy your time with your Friends ~ and have a safe journey ~ Ally x