Monday, July 12, 2010


The reception was a big thing, much more than I expected. They all had a great time, it was too loud for my hearing aids. Hahahahahaha! In my 70+ years I have been to two receptions.


We did not get an immediate honeymoon. Actually one night was it. Then I drove back to the base. Well that is not true; I floated back to the base. Ha!

(50+ years make quite the change, but the smile and the spark is still there)
I always envied the week or two that young folk took, by planning their marriage and honey moon. WE started off our married life a little unplanned (at the time I thought it was planned, ha!). WE were married on a ‘short weekend.’ That means I left Camp Geiger at noon Saturday and was due back at 0700 Monday morning. Belmont was 250 miles away, a five hour drive.
When I say I thought we planned, we did go to South Carolina to Justice and signed up. That was expressing our intent to return sometime after 48 hours for the actual ceremony. That is to give young couples time to cool it, if they don’t mean it. So that meant that anytime after the 48 hours we could drop-in and be married. Looking back, I wonder if the Justice kept regular hours. I am sure we did not call, we and our families just drove down unannounced and were married in his living room.

I say I envy the longer honeymoon, but I wouldn’t take anything for that one night. WOW!

Steve and Jennifer dropped by tonight for a visit, we had a good time. They are good company and listen to all my bad jokes and laugh.

(Josh now has a beautiful wife, Britany. She is sweet and charming. does Josh look happy? YOU BET!!)
Josh and Britney are headed for Las Vegas for a few days. They are not going to gamble (much), contrary to the plans of the Vegas folk. The trip and stay is basically cheap, and a good get away. I hope they have a great time.
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One must wait until evening to see how splendid the day has been.


betty said...

it is neat that after 50 plus years the spark is still there Jack and Sherry!! safe travels as you take off!


Fred Alton said...

You two still look and act happy! I'm sure you imparted some secrets to Josh and his new bride so that they too will look back after 50 years and say it was all good. They certainly have a great example to follow in you two.

shirl72 said...

Glad you still have each other and still in love.
A big Wedding is wonderful but the most important
thing is that love is kept alive through out the coming years. No matter how big or small the Wedding just so it takes. LOL You both look