Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When you are holding me tight!

Okay that song has been going on in my head. If you are old enough you remember:

Oh, hot diggity, dog ziggity
Boom what you do to me
It's so new to me
What you do to me
Hot diggity, dog ziggity
Boom what you do to me
When you're holding me tight, …..

But back to our cruise and ashore in Belize. We are at the Altun Ha Mayan ruins. The Mayans disappeared about 800 AD. The women were about 3’ tall and the men up to 4’tall. the High Priest wore very high head dress to make him appear much taller.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 160

Our little tour guide she has never been out of Belize other than to Mexico. they go to Mexico for an outing where they can go to a Wal-Mart, there are none in Belize.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 162

Another mound. 90% of the ruins are still unexplored. This is a tomb for the high priests. When a high priest died they added another level and sealed it off. So the taller the mound the more High Priests that they had. They were a working race of folk.

Below is an herb tree. crushing the leaves that had fallen gives off a sweet aroma.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 156

Note the rock bleachers to the left of the ceremonial mound, for watching the games

CRUISE FOR 7 days 158

More mounds, there are about 130 unexplored mounds in this ruin area.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 189

Below is the banyan tree.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 190

The limbs shoot down roots, the ones you see at the right hanging, if left alone, will reach the ground and take root and form another tree trunk. Some of these things go for hundreds of yards. We were fortunate (or unfortunate) to have one about a 100’ across in our yard while we lived in Cuba for 3 1/2 years. Unfortunate because of the many falling leaves to rake. LOL Fortunate for the wonderful shade it provides.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 164

With my girl in front of the bleachers. And below is me and the driver I dubbed Richard Petty. He is from New York. His mom was from Belize and returned home. He has traveled most of the USA, doesn’t like to drive in NYC, As you can see from the height, he ain’t no Mayan.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 166

We were met coming down from one mound by these guys with baby alligators. They allowed me to hold them for pictures. Sherry wanted to see them up close too!

CRUISE FOR 7 days 185CRUISE FOR 7 days 187

Back in Belize City, as you can see most of the shops are closed for Independence Day.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 218CRUISE FOR 7 days 219

Back on the ship now, a time to relax with my date and

CRUISE FOR 7 days 228

Watch a beautiful sunset.  Now off to get some strawberry frozen yogurt. Then to the Stateroom and get some….

CRUISE FOR 7 days 231


Thanks for coming by the log.

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It's amazing that 90% of the ruins are still unexplored. So much to learn there. The baby alligators were cute. Did they try to squirm out of your hands? I have never seen a banyan tree. Fascinating. GREAT PHOTOS. Thanks taking me along on your adventure. I'm enjoying it so much. Have a nice day.

~mel said...

Oh! If you'd put a gator on my neck I'd a knocked you silly right into next week!!

That is quite amazing after all this time that 90% of the ruins are still unexplored... BUT ... they are ancient burial grounds? Correct?? So now I'm thinking - why and for what purpose did it serve that the 10% that were explored, disturbed??

betty said...

Wow you were brave to hold those baby aligators, Jack! And Sherry you were brave to be in the same picture with him while he was holding them! I like Belize; it looked like a nice place to visit and spend some time looking around at the ruins, learn a little history, and get to talk to the folks there. I can't imagine being an outing going to WalMart, LOL. And yum on the strawberry yogurt, I am sure that along with the sunset and the company, was a great end to a wonderful day!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

After all that mound climbing I bet it felt good being back on the ship. The sunset was beautiful. What a great adventure you both had.
Hoping your Wednesday is a wonderful one. Safe travels

Anonymous said...

What wonderful journey ! Thank you for your effort and these impressions, teaching me something that i did not know before. Please have a good Thursday you all.

Helen said...

Now why did you mention that song again. That thing ran through my mind for several hours yesterday. Interesting entry. I don't think I would like to hold an alligator. I see the way Sherry has her head turned from you with those things LOL. Helen

Anonymous said...

Nice looking Pictures Jack.

Paula said...

I remember that song. I like that tree and all the pictures but not so fond of the gators.