Saturday, April 6, 2013

At times, things are impossible!

I am used to fixing what ever goes wrong. I was named correctly, I am actually a jack of all trades, even a master of a couple. (LOL).

I remember Mel from up North, explaining or trying to, that even though many medications are habit forming, there are times when we NEED them to survive.  sometime the pain is so great, you MUST follow the doctor’s orders. Sometimes it is impossible to get by on ‘grit’ alone.

This motor home has huge tires. It is impossible for me to pick one up with out using some brain power and leverage. So even though I know the tire and wheel weight is near 150 lbs, we have one that needs to be changed.  So today, I learned I did not have a lug wrench big enough to remove the tire. So off to parts houses, at NAPA I finally found a socket 1 5/16”.

I got the impact wrench out, and it would not budge the nuts. I know I can use a ‘cheater bar’ and get the nuts off, BUT….Ah ha, I’d better check the book on torque needed on the wheel. My Torque wrench goes to 200 ft/lbs.

WHAT, (the book reads) YOU MUST APPLY 450 TO 500 FT/LBS TO EACH NUT!

Yep, there is where the IMPOSSIBLE comes in, I can get the tire off, and back on, but I COULD NOT TORQUE THE NUTS. I would have to drive it to a tire dealer to tighten the lug nuts to 450 lbs, I ain’t got that much  ‘stuff’ in me.!!!

We had a great breakfast at White’s Restaurant. This evening I took my date to Tony’s. Do you have a place in your home town that has been there ‘forever?’


(Carmine Coletta, immigrant and Ice Cream maker extraordinary)

Tony’s is mainly  Ice Cream, some of the best. (Recipes from Italy 1890-1900). In the 40’s I remember them selling ice cream from a horse and wagon. Sherry remembers them coming around in the truck (Belmont was15 miles from Tony’s).aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The building on Franklin Ave is the same as when Sherry and I were dating. We forgot the cholesterol, she actually ordered a Bologna sandwich, I ordered a hot dog all the way.


She had a cone of Chocolate, I had Black Walnut. DELICIOUS!!!  Same ice cream as the 1950’s (different prices, that 25¢ cone is now $2.50.) 

Also the book proofing is going well.

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I am not sure of the year of this Woody, but it is in the 40’s!


Jackie said...

Black Walnut...yum to the nth degree.
It's so hard to find good 'old-fashioned' ice cream any more, Jack.
The best we ever had was when we hand churned it ourselves. Remember churning and the metal canister stuck to the ice if you didn't keep that thing going? Much fun!
Glad that everything is going well with the book proofing....and hope that all turned out well with the tires on the RV. That's a lot of torque!

Chatty Crone said...

Well I hope you get your tire fixed. You know we don't have a little neighborhood like that - our area is k ind of new - you know everything in Atlanta was burnt down! lol sandie

shirl72 said...

I do remember Tonys. That is where
every would go for ice cream.
They made their own and did a
real good job. It had been in that
same location as long as I can remember. Yum, Yum.


Hope your tire gets fixed. Tony's sounds like a nice date spot for folks of all ages. Do they have BLACK RASPBERRY ice cream. That's the kind I grew up with.

Anonymous said...

you're just a marvel Jack...tire changing and book writing and black walnut ice cream...I woulda loved to have some a that...the ice cream that is!!!

Ken Riches said...

That is a lot of torque...

Dar said...

what a chore that would have been to change a tire on that big ol home of yours...glad it's working out.
Also see you must be missing we northerners...I'll have to alert Mel that she and Sara made the 'paper', of so do we see a northern run this summer??????sure would be sweet.
that book sure is looking pur-tee

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

At least you know where to go for help when things are looking impossible. We have a restaurant here that the kids always want to go to when they come home. It's been there since I was young. Family owned and always good food. They have great ice cream and pies too. Trouble being I'm always too full from the meal to have dessert.Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Lucy said...

Isn't it strange that we can continue to think we can still do what we used to 10 years ago. All of the food sounds good. So glad "the baby is here".