Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ever leave anything behind in a Motel or Hotel?

Once when we were hiking and went into town, upon leaving we left our walking sticks, a couple aspen poles from Alaska. We called back and they held them for us.

We seldom are in a hotel or motel anymore but we have come close to leaving some other things. A list of things left is amazing.

It is due to our  rush and distracted society. The most common things left are cell phone and laptop chargers that is logical. Then there are the ‘hanging clothes’, GPS’s, mobile phones and oddly enough, suitcases.

BUT some of the stuff is hard to understand. In the UK it was reported some of the oddest. A live Python, and a bucket of live crabs.

Would you believe a man left a $100,000 Rolex watch?  Another left a stamp album worth $500,000.  Even a diamond encrusted iphone.

It is possible to get thoroughly distracted and leave some important things. Once in a hurried period we took our grand kids to the beach. Sherry’s sister and her husband had a place about 20 mins off the beach, they let us use it.

I had sold a house and  had about 3 months salary in cash. For what ever reason we did not go to the bank and carried the money. We had a great time at the beach, loaded in the van and headed back to the trailer. At the trailer we could not find the keys, in fact we could not find the ‘beach bag that contained Sherry’s purse, my pay envelope and wallet. It was GONE. Sherry realized “ Surprised smileLord help us,it is on the sidewalk where the van was parked.”

So we sped back to the beach, naturally the draw bridge was open, causing a (5-10min)nerve wracking wait. But we finally made it back to the beach. Sitting right there on the side walk, where it had sat all by it’s lonesome for an hour, was the BEAUTIFUL bag, in tact, with over $12,000 in cash in it. It also contained  family Christmas savings that she always put back for the family during the year.

Now I have no idea if prayer saved it or not, but my girl done some praying (okay, I said one or two myself). LOL

I think the oddest thing someone left in a hotel was a full size stage horse, really. We all need to settle down a little, take time to smell the roses, as they say.

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The old saying “Haste makes Waste” is very true.



I believe this is a 1950 Roadmaster Buick Woodie.


Anonymous said...

Never left anything. I usually check everything after we've packed--look under the beds, in the shower, drawers, etc.
Once my husband thought he had left his cell phone or charger. (I don't remember which.) He called the motel which was a long way from our home to see if they could ship it to us. Then he discovered his phone under the seat of the car where it had slipped out of his pocket.
I always wonder if when people claim to have left something they didn't really leave, the cleaning lady gets into trouble or looks suspicious.

I bet that bag was a glad sight!


Anonymous said...

I usually triple check and one more time before leaving the room ;)

Please have you all a good Wednesday.


How lucky you were to find the bag where you left it. A friends grandma once left a paper satchel with $10,000 in the laundrymat. She was so relieved to find it. The woman didn't believe in bank accounts.

Chatty Crone said...

You were lucky AND BLESSED - wow - getting your money back.

I have left pillows and things like that, but I have never gotten anything back.


Jackie said...

Whew! Sooooo glad that the bag was found untouched. That was a blessing.
Now...I've been wondering where I left that diamond-encrusted iPhone and Rolex. :)

Paula said...

Haven't stayed in hotels or motels a lot in my life but I sure check and double check as I'm so attached to my "stuff". So glad you and Sherry found your bag where you left it.

Mevely317 said...

WOW! You were so fortunate, Jack! Again, you've struck a nerve:
At my workplace, "Lost and Found" items are absolutely the BANE of my existence! (Insert "boo", "hiss.")

You've a great point about folks being rushed and distracted... but I can't help being annoyed by those who expect us (me) to drop everything ... or those who blame the housekeeper, then discover grandma's heirloom ring was in their luggage after all. When they called to "fess up", one GSA wanted to say, "Oh, when you were told us the ring was missing and you were so mad we just fired her."

The strangest return? A World Series Championship ring.

Thankfully, MOST people are really grateful. I'll have to remember this post the next time I let a "stinker" get under my skin.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Haste does make waste. Nothing can beat slowing down. Sometimes the things we leave behind in our haste to move on aren't just material things. The birds are chirping outside at 6 am here this morning and I'm taking time to enjoy their wake up call. What a wonderful sound.

Lucy said...

You were so fortunate. We have not stayed in many motels. If we traveled we were short on money so used to camp out. The most lost was a loaf of bread and some other food items. The park ranger said very calmly "probably a bear." Our tent was close to that table.

Anonymous said...

I left a copy of something I wrote in regards to my dad's dementia(Don had been reading it) & he later got a call(the room being in his name) from an hotel employee whose dad had dementia. I wound up speaking with her & evolved into a lovely conversation.

Anonymous said...

I lost a diamond chip earring down a motel sink once...Don took the pipe apart and retrieved it :D We stayed in a lot of motel/hotels over the years...can't remember leaving anything...Don was a logistics expert (no kidding that was his post Army job), things didn't get left :D We did leave a brand new canvas tarp at a campground once...I believe that's the only time anything like that ever happened.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Fabulous Buick woodie!

When «Louis» was at Safeway corporate, he travelled often - and certainly left things behind more than once!

Annesphamily said...

I left my favorite shoes once in a motel in Durango, CO.! They were so nice and sent them to me! You were blessed to have your bag of cash and such still waiting for you!