Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally Love is also an E-Book

It is available for 99¢ (e-book) and $8.50 (paper back) nearly World Wide.

A lot of work has gone into this book. I had to take a cruise to research that part of the book (LOL).

We traveled to Belize, where part of the book takes place to actually see the Altun Ha Mayan ruins and the roads and people of Belize.

Bonnie, the proofer, did a fantastic job with my poor grammar and complete lack of  ‘punctuational’  knowledge. I tend to take a sentence to the  utmost. I did not know what a comma splice was (still don’t know well). I learned that there are several kinds of dashes. There is a difference in Inch marks “ and quotes “ LOL.

Hey I learned my DI was really a nice guy (compared), if you don’t put one of Bonnie’s corrections in, you have had it!  I am in trouble already again, I used ‘peaks his interest ’ instead of ‘piques his interest.’ I deleted that part of the book, but somehow I missed it in the Create space info, and Amazon synopsis.  BUT IT IS NOT IN THE BOOK BONNIE, HONEST!

Sandie, over at Chatty Crone, has offered to do a give-away of a couple books. There will also be a limited number available here on the Blog.

I will let you know when the first order comes in.

I really believe you are going to like this book. I have it listed as a senior romance, but I think some of you young folk will like it. There are some great young folk in the book.

I have said several times I have no regrets in my life, I think I can still say that if I change it to qualify that as my adult life. I do regret not studying the English language more. School studies were simple to me. I never failed a test until my French class in HS, Sherry’s fault, we shared that class.  She was an obvious  distraction. Of course I was going to quit school, so it didn’t matter, how little we know at 16, huh?

English is a complicated language, keeping the rules straight is a rough job.

Thanks for the visit and interest in the book.

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Remember the good old days? I was reminded today, that 20-30 yrs from now, someone will be talking about the good old days, 2013!


Wabash Avenue Chicago 1907

1907 Wabash Ave, Chicago



Anonymous said...

All those years thinking your DI was so tough, tsk, tsk.


I tell you, I will be really impressed with a spell checker when it learns to take care of homophones and compound words that should be a single word instead of two.


Rose said...

Looking forward to reading your new book.

Glenda said...

So, after I charged up the battery on my Kindle, went to Amazon & got it in time for weekend read. The cover is wonderful, Congratulations!!!

Woody said...

Congrats on the New Book, Today it started to almost hit 70 degrees but the wind was 40 to 50 MPH gusts, raining right now, patiently waiting for summer, picnics, fishing and "Sunshine", I hope you understand these are not Inch marks around sunshine, LOL!!!
You 2 behave yourselves,
Love you guys,
Gary & Anna Mae !!!

Jackie said...

So proud of you and for you....


I just purchased it for my Kindle. Looking forward to reading it after I finish the other books I'm currently reading.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so excited about the giveaway. Tell me - when is it going to be on Amazon - I need to buy a couple more things this week. I am excited.


Paula said...

So happy for you, anxious to read it.

shirl72 said...

Well is finished. Most of us just did
the best we thought was good in School just to graduate. We had
no idea we would need all this knowledge to survive in the real world we were about to enter.
Some how we survive.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll have to read your book soon. Looking forward to it! Hope you both have a super Saturday. It's a very chilly start to the day here.

Ken Riches said...

Good job!