Monday, April 8, 2013

One small problem solved.

Wednesday we are closing on the last 3 acres of open land we have. No need for it, and I am past building, I am told. ha! The only problem was our storage trailer, although way out in the woods was 5 feet into the property we are selling. The trailer is mostly on our son’s property, we are giving him the trailer for storage.  But it still had to be moved.

So Sherry called my friend Sticky, he would meet me at the trailer at 2:30. I forgot and was working outside and Sherry came rushing out to say, you were supposed to meet Stick at 2:30, it is about 2:45.

As I drove off Sherry was calling Sticky to tell him I was on my way.

She said Sticky answered, and she asked if he was down at the trailer, he responded, “What trailer?”

He had forgotten too. So we finally met. I showed him what we needed. Okay, I’ll get to it sometime soon.

We chatted for awhile and I asked him about his rotor-cuff surgery a few years back and how was it doing?


“Jack, you  probably don’t know it but most of us black babies was born at home!”

I interrupted, “I was born at home Sticky, finish the story.”

“Anyway, Grandma was the mid-wife and she charged 50¢ to deliver me. When I looked at the bill, I went in and asked that Doctor, how in the world can you work less than 3 hours and charge $38,000 for fixing a 50¢ body, just don’t seem right?”

Me and Sticky out in the middle of the woods laughing, and I said, “You are lying Stick!”

“Serious as rain jack, serious as rain, the doc didn’t laugh too much though.”

That was around three o’clock. At about 6 o’clock, he drove up to our motor home and said, it was a lot of work, Mr, but I got it done, he said laughing. Sticky loves to laugh about as much as I do.

It is good to know people who can, and will do a small job like that on such short notice.

But that is what friends do.

Thanks for coming by.

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To have friends, you must first be a friend.


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Dar said...

Sticky sounds like my kind of friend. So nice to keep in touch, isn't it? I know many folks like him and you would be one of them...kindness goes a very long way in our hearts.
Loveyamanand ofcourse, Sherrytoo.


Sticky sounds like a good guy. Glad he got the job done.

Mevely317 said...

Yes, I just laughed out-loud. Sticky sounds like a real keeper, Jack ... thanks for introducing us to him this evening!

Paula said...

Glad Sticky got the job done for you. I like the quote about friends. My friend Agnes from high school tells me we have remained friends for so long because we both put something into it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you have a good friend like that and the job is done. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

Lucy said...

Good friends can be hard to find. He sounds like a keeper. Most of my true friends are dead or moved.

Anonymous said...

you and Sticky should write a book :D

shirl72 said...

I met Sticky after you wrote the
book and he is a wonderful person.
His wife if very sweet.

Glad you got the storage trailer
moved. Sticky is a true friend.
I remember he said "Jack you are
going to make me a hero after the

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - what a great friend you each have in each other.
Wonderful. sandie

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You wrote:I am told.
Well, you wouldn't go along with that unless you understood it to be true, or at least allowed that it could be. I have heard some say "The job has to be big enough to be worth it." But often, a person who wants to work, just does the job, whatever it is.