Friday, April 12, 2013

Texting and Sexting…

I only put the sexing there cause it sounded like it fit.
Son Jack suggested we should get some smart phones. “With a smart phone Dad can text,” says he. “He can simply use the voice to text feature.”
So now Sherry carries two smart phones around. On very rare occasions I will hold on to one. And I do text at times. But with text, the sender actually does not know where the text went, or at least that is how I see it. Example:
To day a text came in and automatically Sherry hands it to me. text:  “Hey next Tuesday will be my last day on the job. A company in Afghanistan has accepted me as a manager of one of their projects. So I will be headed that way. Just wanted you to know.”
I have no idea who the text came from, I have the number of course, and it doesn’t look familiar and is not in our directory.
So I ask myself, “Should I text that number and tell him who ever he was texting, probably was not me?” Or is it a wise guy or spam?”
I ignored it.
Never text  and drive it is against the law!” On the way to the Doctor I observed several folks texting. One at 60mph, just a few feet from the guy in front of her. But honestly, how do you enforce such a law as ‘no texting while driving’. It is a ‘feel good’ law’, that is  easy to pass, but impossible to enforce.
I’m confused, as a deaf person, why would a person who hears, want to text instead of talk to someone.  That is an honest question, I would like to know.
BUT I would probably have done it as a teen ager because it was cool, and I definitely thought I was cool. LOL  After all, teenagers are immortal, UNTIL …???!!!
We would like to pass on all our wisdom to teens, but they won’t listen. AH!  Surprised smile the lament of all seniors no matter what century or generation. THE YOUTH WILL NOT LISTEN!  They were right, we would not listen, would we?
Don’t Text and drive, you probably shouldn’t sext and drive either (what ever that is!)
Nite Shipslog
The guy thought he could text,
Eyes off the road for awhile,
Now sadly he won’t drive another mile.
Burma shave (Jack)
Wall Street New York 1911
Wall Street 1911
1911 Knox & Simplex
1911 Knox and Simplex
1911 Stanley run about!


Dar said...

Man, that texting and driving makes me cringe. I know what you mean, THEY WON'T LISTEN, ANYWAY...I'm sure glad we didn't have these opportunities when I was growing up and now that I'm grown, I'm sure glad I do not take advantage of them. Don't have a cell phone, never will., til Ma Belle takes my landline away...that day's a coming.

Anonymous said...

Don't text and drive
Or misbehave
You'll get yourself
Too close a shave.
Burma Shave. (Bonnie)

Paula said...

Sure like the Burma Shave signs. I only text my two daughters and it's nice when you just want to say a few words and don't have time or you know they don't have time for a whole conversation.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh we are going though this phone stuff right now - it is so frustrating!!!! sandie

shirl72 said...

My computer is doing its own
thing tonight.

We were beside a man in his 40's on I95 and he was texting and
doing 60mph.......Scary


I do not even talk on my phone when I drive. I pull over so I'm not distracted. That's good advice Jack.

Jackie said...

I believe that something could be done to disengage a phone's texting capability when the vehicle is in any mode except "park. " Passengers might not like that, but that should be just "too bad" if they like it or not. Too many accidents and deaths are occurring because of texting and driving.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I once ask my youngest son why the text instead of a phone call and his answer was because they really didn't want to talk to the person, but only wanted to pass on some information.

I do get text messages from my kids and sometimes feel a little put off that they really didn't want to talk to me. I much prefer a phone call.

It's another rainy chilly day here today. Hope you all have a super Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I am not much of a texter but I do keep a Got It on hand to send to let someone(anyone) know I got their text or phone message. And some of them find it rude. I just do not want to talk to that many people in a day ;o.

Anonymous said...

your Mom would be a million times ashamed of you if you sexted!!!

I have this neat trick with my car...I can call and receive calls...thru my phone...but I don't have to do a thing but click a button on the steering wheel and hear the caller and talk to the caller using my car as the connect.

The only person who ever texts me while I'm driving is my DIL...she doesn't get a text back till I'm where I'm going. Funny I used to love being away from home 'cause I knew NO phone NO calls...where have all those good old days gone :D :D :D