Saturday, June 29, 2013

At Lake Medina near Pipe Creek, Texas.

Tomorrow we hit the road for Del Rio, Texas. It is a short 3 hour drive. I have an appointment with the dentist at 10am Monday morning, good thing too, I just lost two more fillings out of these old teeth. You just cannot trust those Navy Dentists, their work won’t last over 50-60 years. LOL

Sherry and I were sitting out under the awning, (you may have heard it is hot in Texas) when a little Doe walked up. I took an apple and threw her some of it.


Deer visit 002

So I then got some carrots:

Deer visit 009


Deer visit 010Deer visit 012Before I knew it she was eating out of my hand. Some of her friends came up and she tried to run them off, but most of them stayed. 

Deer visit 014Deer visit 018

Mama and her fawn came up, I threw some to her, she stayed a safe distance. It was neat watching the fawn get lunch. The doe must not have a big udder, it was not visible. Below, they are leaving.

San antonio Medina Lake 023

Deer visit 019

I have mentioned Medina lake and the fact it is suffering from past droughts. It is down 50+ ft. Here is a view from down in the lake bed:


from Lake Medina

Showing the piers and floating docks that lay high and dry. Can you  imagine the frustration of folks who bought lake front property and now the shore is a half mile or more away?

Destination tomorrow is more West than South, so the temp will probably be about the same.

Concerning the changes in Blogger, I think I will let it settle the way it will. If it effects me, I will try to recover. Seems too much for an old man to grasp right now. (I may think different tomorrow!  Confused smile)

Thanks for visiting the Log.

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We are leaving Medina lake near San Antonio Texas, in the morning and heading for Del Rio.



1956 Pony-act.   Jackie, over at

has a beautiful 1930 Pontiac Hot rod featured.


Helen said...

Cute pictures. Guess the drought has dried all the grasses up the deer feed on.

Chatty Crone said...

That is so cool how they came up so close to you and ate! I have heard it was hot there. sandie


Those are the sweetest pictures of you and the deer. LOVE them.

Glenda said...

Amazing photos of the deer. Makes me wonder if Lake Medina is down 50 ft, how big/deep is it when water levels are normal? Sad to see lake bed.

Paula said...

A man John knows just moved back here from Medina Lake and he said the deer actually looked in his house windows wanting food. Wow I think your fillings are older then mine and mine are old. Good luck with those.

shirl72 said...

Love the deer eating out of your
hand. I know we have them around
here the neighbors said they saw
them. I may get some corn for

Good luck at the Dentist.

Cher' Shots said...

Oh Dear, what sweet deer my dears have come across!
'love & hugs from afar'

Jackie said...

I am saddened to see that the lake level is so low. It seems to be that way in a lot of places, Jack.
On to a happier note. What sweet photos of you and the deer. I am amazed that the deer ate out of your hand. No fear from those creatures toward humans. How wonderful!
Love being here.

Back Porch Writer said...

Oh I loved that you were able to feed the deer from your hand. Loved the pic. Hope all is fine from the loss of Google reader. I think I have most of my other blogs on my OWN blog so I won't "lose them". My reading time is so minimal anyway. But I want to be able to get to my blog buddies when I can. Hope you all are doing fine.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those deer must be very used to humans being around to be so tame. The pictures were delightful to look at. Glad it's not so hot that you are at least able to sit under the shade of the awning and enjoy the view. Sad that the lakes are drying up there. They do need rain badly. One of my sons lives out that way now and he said that's the way the lakes are around him too. Glad you will finally be getting your dental work done. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sara S. said...

Jack, I love the pics of the deer and I'm happy you got to see the fawn so close. It reminded me of the old days when Grandpa was still alive and he would sit at the picnic table in the evenings and shake his corn pail. The deer would come running across the field for dinner. Usually by the end of summer he would have every single deer on the property named and eating out of his hand. Thanks for the wonderful memories and good luck at the dentist tomorrow! Safe travels to you and Sherry!

Sara (Mel's daughter from upnorthwithmel)

Rose said...

I can't believe they came so close to you. I always thought they ran from people.