Sunday, June 23, 2013

What a difference a few months make.

We are here in the San Antonio area and having a great time.

We started off the morning at McDonalds. Sherry and I had our split biscuit with Jelly, jack had coffee and Mark the big breakfast. Mark finished first. Here he is outside looking in. He is the only smoker in the bunch and MUST get out side.

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 002

Jack picked CornerStone for church service. then off to down town. I cannot believe it has been this long since being here, I DO NOT remember as many high-rise roads and interchanges, and glass buildings:

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 008

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 010San Antonio and RIVERWALK 011San Antonio and RIVERWALK 009

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 014San Antonio and RIVERWALK 016

I do remember some of the older hotels, but it seems several BIG new ones have popped up.

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 017

We made it back down town and the River Walk. Sherry and I love the River Walk. It is for tourists of course, but it is beautiful.

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 018San Antonio and RIVERWALK 019San Antonio and RIVERWALK 020San Antonio and RIVERWALK 023San Antonio and RIVERWALK 025San Antonio and RIVERWALK 026San Antonio and RIVERWALK 024

We stopped for lunch at the Hard Rock Café on the River Walk.

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 030

That is as far as our boys wanted to walk. So up to the Alamo.

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 037San Antonio and RIVERWALK 042

It being Sunday, and thanks to Bin Laden and his terrorists, now every one must be scanned. The live was long the the boys want to ‘come back later.  Let’s see the Alamodome!

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 052

I mean, to a 75 year old man who is not interested in sports, HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THAT THING COMPETE WITH THE ALAMO?

A bunch of well fed and well paid grown men play a game here.  While, In the Alamo my man Davy was giving Sam Houston time to get read for battle, and getting ready to die.

Oh well I am such an old guy. Of course my sons are interested in the Alamo, we will go back on a week day, it was crowded, it was Sunday.

As we sat at the hard Rock Café, Sherry reminded me we always came here around Christmas, much cooler and pleasant walking the River Walk. Yeah a few months do make a difference.

Thanks for coming along to the River Walk.

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I just wanted to say, life is good.


1979 Firebird

Remember the Firebird craze.  Didn’t James Gardner drive one of these? 1979!


Paula said...

Ever visited the missions? I lived one block from Mission Road for 31 years and could hear the Mission bells chime from Mission San Jose. At one time there were peacocks on the grounds and we could hear them holler at times. If you happen to go that way and end up on East Southcross look for 803. Little gray house trimmed in white on a corner where I raised my girls. Lots of memories!


I bet it's beautiful at Christmas. looks lovely now.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I imagine it is quite hot there. It's been hot in Ohio. 3 days in a row I've had the a/c on now. At least you found a shady spot to visit. I always like to think that being by the water makes us feel cooler. Hope you do make it back to the Alamo. I'd like to see it. Glad you are having a good time. The pictures were all great!

Chatty Crone said...

Again I enjoyed the walk with you all. I loved the river walk that would be so nice to do that. But my favorite picture is the one where you have your two arms around your two sons - What a great photo!!!

shirl72 said...

Looks like everybody is still enjoying their vacation. Like
seeing the places you are visiting.
We are also having hot weather
will be in the 90's rest of the

Stay safe and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

James Garner and the Firebird -- two classics.
Nice pics of Texas and your gang (though it looks like Mark is zipping up in one of the pics, lol).

bonnie k.

salemslot9 said...

we love 'Rockfish'!
he did all
the driving himself
in his Firebird :)

Sheila Y said...

I loved that old tree at the Alamo, also took the girls to see Shania at the Alamodome in '98. I'm enjoying the visit back to San Antonio through you pictures. Take care, Sheila