Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 4. New Orleans.. 0 miles today total still 700.

We visited New Orleans yesterday and today. We had BEIGNETS and Chicory coffee both days. I did not take the camera today but took 1000(?) ha today on the camera, just do not know how to get them to the computer yet.

100_0186_1 - Copy

This is our 2003 shot of St. Louis Cathedral.

First day in NAWLINS 001

Lake Pontchartrain Bridge about 5 miles long across the lake from Slidell to New Orleans.

First day in NAWLINS 006

Nawlins Skyline coming in on I-10

First day in NAWLINS 011

Pictures from the Café du monde.

First day in NAWLINS 012First day in NAWLINS 015First day in NAWLINS 020First day in NAWLINS 021First day in NAWLINS 022

Mama and her boys in the French Quarter

First day in NAWLINS 023

I even got a kiss in front of Col Jackson.

First day in NAWLINS 027

We also got hustled a little. We sat to watch the Mississippi River flow by and all of a sudden this friendly fellow cam up and started talking to Jack Jr. ‘bout his shoes. “I can tell you where you got your shoes! I can even tell you the city where you got ‘em.”

Then quick as a wink he squats down and takes jack’s shoe and put a little something on them and starts to clean them. Another guy jumps down beside him smiling, puts some (?) on my shoes and begins to rub them. “Where you got ‘em? Man you got dese shoes on your feet!” And  “Right now you got dem in de city of Nawlins!”

Now ain’t I rite?”

Of course I gave the man a $1, JJ gave him $5, made his mama mad at both of us for being hustled. It is a twist on washing your windshields in New York City or leaving Mexico.

The unfortunate fellow below is not the hustler. Not every thing in Nawlins is fun and games, there is a lot of poverty and homeless in this city

First day in NAWLINS 043

But back to the boys in the Festive atmosphere of the French Quarter.

First day in NAWLINS 040First day in NAWLINS 041First day in NAWLINS 044First day in NAWLINS 045First day in NAWLINS 046First day in NAWLINS 047

I hope to have more photos by tomorrow night. Tomorrow is a traveling day. We hope to be in Texas by then.

Thanks for coming along over lake Pontchartrain to Nawlins.

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New Orleans population has dropped drastically since Katrina, but the French Quarter seems to be timeless.



vehicles that fit the spirit of New Orleans.



shirl72 said...

Looks like you guys are having
fun..The French Quarters is the place to be so what I hear. Enjoyed
seeing the pictures.

Texas get ready the gang is coming.

Paula said...

Laughing @ Shirl's comment. never been there so enjoyed the pictures.


LOVED seeing you all in New Orleans. Sounds like being hustled is part of it's charm. No harm done and shoes shined.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like a great day and lots to see there. So glad you all are having a good time.

Rose said...

I love when you make me feel like I'm traveling with you. I envy all the sites and scenes you see every day.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Anonymous said...

nice to revisit "nawlins" via your photos...great fun crossing the Pontchartrain in a travel trailer...don't think I ever took the motorhome favorite memory of the lake is when Don and I went east on the train for my Mom's funeral...the train stopped out in the middle of the lake for close to an hour...topped only by my memory of the same train chugging up to and across the (rusty) Huey P Long Bridge...great fun!

Woody said...

YUP !! My first trip thanks to the Navy was to Naw orlans, walking down Burbon Street a little duffer comes up to me and says, Hey Mister, bet I can tell you where you got dem shoes??? I was lucky cuz back then it only cost me a quarter!!!!! Looks like you are enjoying yourselves!!
take care,
love from up in the mountains, Gary & Anna Mae

Anonymous said...

I do like the momma & her boys picture, but I am even more fond of the parental kissing one ;O.

NO has a huge homeless problem.

Chatty Crone said...

I have never been there and it looks fun. Hey that hustler was right! sandie