Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catches your eye (No not the joke)

(This is a replacement entry, don’t you hate it when you lose a WHOLE entry!  you just cannot remember all the brilliant things you have said and lost. LOL)

I have said may times I love our screen saver. We use the pictures on the hard drives as our screen savers. Both computers are displaying our lives past and present. (Along with hundreds of old cars, ha)

I forget them many times when we have company. So the subject came up rather quickly when we sold the Camaro. I had a Notary do a house call to witness the sale. So we were here at our Motorhome table, when the buyer suddenly says, “That is the biggest tree I have ever seen, where is it?”

I looked at the picture and said:


“That is a Live Oak on the banks of Lake Griffin in Florida.”

I forget it at times that our lives pass before all our visitors. When the family is here many time we just watch as they scroll and randomly pick up pictures.  Comments abound. “That is me when I was 5”, “I remember that!” or “Where were you when that was taken Grandma?”

So this morning when I saw this one pass by I couldn’t help remembering the day, a day or two after my 17th birthday:


(Me second from the right, front row)

I guess I do at times wish I was 17 again, back when I ‘thought’ I was grown. I was leaving HOME here, gonna spread my wings. I had no idea how homesick I would get only a couple hundred miles away on Parris Island. LOL

That picture was followed by this one:

scanoldpic7 063

Me in my ‘overhauls’ in mama’s chicken lot. Yeah that is Shirl on the left and Kat in the middle (my sweet sisters).

This was about the time Shirl taught me to ride a bicycle, we had one.

Just thinking back. The older I get the more I do that.

Thanks for coming by the log.


Yeah, we sold the Camaro.  I buy high and sell lo. We are planning to get rich on VOLUME sales. LOL


The spare tire at 50yrs old


Rose said...

That is the biggest tree I have ever seen. Glad you captured that photo.


Jackie said...

Biiiig tree! And beautiful.
I love these photos, Jack.
Great memories for you and wonderful of you to share them!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Pictures do remind us of some wonderful moments not to be forgotten. You are blessed to have so many right at your fingertips !

Paula said...

Like seeing the pictures of you and Shirl. Like that tree too. There is a very big one on a ranch in the hill country. They let people drive in to look at it. I have a picture somewhere of a bunch of us senior citizens stretched out in front of it.

shirl72 said...

It is fun to sit and look at all
your pictures that roll through
on your computers. Some memories
are sad like seeing family members
who have pass on but we do have
good memories. The older we get
we appreciate things more.

Lucy said...

That is one BIG tree. I have pictures that are so old and faded you can hardly tell who they are.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

That is a big tree....but...some of the banyan trees in south Florida might be bigger..... :)


Photos do spark memories that's for sure. What a big tree.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Re the Camaro - like selling watermelons that cost you $2 to grow for $1, huh, Jack?!

Chatty Crone said...

I do like looking back at old pictures with you. You have some great memories there Jack. And i love that tree too. And that you love your sisters. sandie