Monday, June 10, 2013

Who is listening and WHO is reading?

Common sense tell me most government programs are started with purely honest and true purposes. I worked for NSA for a few years on a much lower level than the level of the ‘snooping’ we are reading about. I know programs that are used to scan the e-mails and conversations. My expertise was military intelligence gathering, not domestic and terrorism  research and verification. But the same principals were incorporated. No one is going to look into my past or present. Any information I was privy to (S-TS-SIOP) would only confuse the modern researchers. LOL.

BUT, and it is no small BUTT, don’t tell me someone is NOT listening to some private conversations, that is illogical and an untruth. With the thousands of operators required to monitor all these searches, along with the search words and combinations, one could add sex, love and listen in on a man calling his wife to tell her how great their sex was last night and how much he loves her, etc. that is about null for the juicy stuff, but it doesn’t take much imagination to see extreme abuse of such powers.

An executive of JC Penny wanting to know WALMARTS next moves, with the right amount of money, to the right operator,  could have all Wallyworld’s phone calls and e-mails sent to their offices.

If Mr. Obama had heard this in 2008 he would have been on the highest soap box, calling for heads to roll and with just cause. Mr. Obama ran on the promise of having the most open administration ever, I ask him, what happened? PLEASE not “I read it in Friday’s paper just like you!”

YES I AM MAD, HURT AND DISGUSTED. WHAT HAPPENED TO TRUTH, “Yes, we did it. I am sorry, it was stupid, but we really meant well. This will be halted ASAP.”


So what if it happened under Bush?  It does no good to call the kettle black, if you want it clean, then you clean it up! A couple days ago I was disappointed in fellow Marines, today, I am so disappointed in my government officials. If this doesn’t make you mad, you don’t realize the depth of this insertion into OUR private lives.

REMEMBER ORWELL’S 1984, Big Brother has been born, albeit, at a late date.

Okay I’m outta here, but I am still mad.

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I always considered my phone calls private, after ‘Ms Number please?’ was replaced with a dial.

Way back then operators had to click into active lines to make sure someone was still there. And some operators stayed for a little while (accidentally on purpose), listening, in slow times. (I listened in on private conversations myself, when operating the switchboard at Our Radar station in Kirksville, MO.).


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shirl72 said...

I am mad also. To watch them
dance around they are our Government and suppose to be in
control. I think they take a
course on how to answer questions
when ask what has happened.
We are investigating and will look
into the matter and that will be
the last we hear of the situation.
I think their brooms are about
worn out from sweeping everything under the rug.

Fred Alton said...

What in the world does it mean? I would be mad but really already knew in my heart this kind of thing was happening. Fear of this snooping is the main reason Frances refuses to get on the computer (for the last four years.) I find it somehow funny that many who once did all in their power to announce themselves to the world (calling every news paper, magazine, radio and tv station with info about their activities now find they don't really want the world to know much about their activities. I am with you though in that I don't like the invasion of privacy by "big brother". A few years ago it would have been grounds for impeachment - but now they boast about it. Didn't the Bible say something about a time coming when men would "glory in their shame"?

Chatty Crone said...

Anything that Obama does is explained away and people believe it.
Anything Bush did was put under a microscope and we heard it over and over and over again!
Why is that? How is that?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I really do feel like my life is pretty much an open book. With all the technology available, we really don't have many secrets left to us. If we stopped using our phones and our computers maybe then we'd have more privacy. Trouble is I don't know if I could do that.


When webcams started to dot the horizon I thought of Orwell. Now I don't know what to think. Things are out of hand.

Anonymous said...

It is dark & complex & it will get worse. That is my happy news for the evening ;o.~Mary