Friday, June 7, 2013

Do you order on line?

Many folks are very dubious about ordering on-line.  I read about 5 years ago that soon 50% of Christmas ‘presents’  would be purchased via the internet. I found it hard to believe. BUT NOW? That is not so hard to believe.

So if you do not order, why?  Just curious.

If you order, is there any special precautions you take?


(This is the first mail order house I ever heard of, from Sears Roebuck catalog it is in North Platte, Nebraska. Sherry and Colette out front)

I am pretty fanatical about ordering. All my ink cartridges come from the net. Car and Motor Home parts are from the net if I have advance notice and time to do it.

I have ordered a couple books for Sherry when she was reading a series and could not fill in the blanks.

I have ordered what I consider a few big ticket items. Tow bars, lighting systems for the tow car and an oven for our home here.  I cannot remember being disappointed in anything I have ordered.  Usually if you order from a company they have a ‘satisfaction’ rating. I usually order from someone who has a 98%+ rating.

I think the reasons are folks are afraid of their credit Cards being hi-jacked.  I do use Pay-Pal when possible and that eliminates some possibilities.

All in all it is not much more likely that your CC # will be stolen on line than using it at a department store. Like it or not, when you scan your card at Penny’s or WalMart it is on line then also.

When you  buy Gas the number is on line, It must be on line to be verified that is for sure.

Anyway, I have no problem ordering on line, along with millions of others. I am just surprised at myself. I get better prices on the net, and actually VERY fast service. I am getting to know the UPS man better than the mail man.  Winking smile

(I cannot believe this, there are folks that sell chickens on line, look at thisSmile)

city chicken

Mama used to order thru the Sears & Roebuck Catalog. She ordered cloth and patterns. She also ordered her chickens. That always  amazed me, to see the pasteboard boxes with holes around it and dozens of day old chicks inside. Mama quickly transferred them to the ‘brooder’ with a 60w bulb to keep them warm. I remember a book I wanted to write, “My mama was a Light Bulb”, true.

Nite Shipslog


There isn’t much you cannot order on the net, Personally, I enjoy internet shopping.(I do not have to talk to anyone! Be right back)



I love the train and the ‘53 Buick Super (I think)



Chatty Crone said...

Jack I am like you. We all order most everything from the internet. It's cheaper, you can see the competition, I have always been pleased, but I do try to make sure I want it! Taking back is harder. I try to pay on paypal too. sandie

shirl72 said...

I love to shop. Jack you know
you say "I shop like I am on a
mission from GOD". I have fun
in the store talking to all my
friends. That is my outing.

That car looks like our 54 Buick.

Jean said...

I order a lot of things online and so for I've been satisfied with what I get. I did order a bedding set from QVC once and had to return it because it come without the bed skirt, but I didn't have to pay to send it back. They wouldn't send just a skirt they wanted me to return what I had and they sent a new set. Yes my debit account got hacked a few years ago, (quite a sum, but my money was refunded. They told me at the bank it could even happen with a check. All the guy from the bank could tell me was that it happened in another country. Take care. Jean

Glenda said...

One of the things I've done for security (as I also like to shop online) was to set up a separate account that has a debit card named SHOP that I maintain a minimum $25 balance in. When I find something I want to purchase, just transfer that amount from my checking account to the "shop" account, then place a secure order. Have also used Paypal, but this method compels me to really think about what my purchase is (probably keeps me from frivolous buying:)


I love Amazon. So yes I shop online.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They used to say let your fingers do the walking thru the yellow pages, now people are buying on line and the yellow pages is on line too. I really do prefer shopping in person in a store because I like to see what I'm getting. Makes me wonder sometimes what the future will bring. Maybe there will come a time when everything will be on the internet.

Paula said...

I'm with Ma, I like to see what I'm buying. Sounds like Glenda has it down pat though. I seldom buy online but have at times.

Louis la Vache said...

Great shot of the train and the Buick!
Yes, that is a '53 Buick Super.

Lucy said...

I do not shop on line now but I have in the past. I had a paypal at one time also but no more, Reason, I will never have a credit card again, Also I would never ever do banking on line. I am sure it is safe if you know what you are doing but I am to unsure of myself to do it. Limits my ability on getting things like your book but I will do without before I have another credit card.I get offers daily but I learned that when we retired with very limited income and medical expenses it is not so easy to pay back. So I buy a lot less.

Anonymous said...

I tend not to buy clothes because I like to try them on, but I do purchase many things online. I would, however, draw the line at chickens 'o. ~Mary

Mevely317 said...

Flashback! I fell in love with "sit in your pj's shopping" back in the 60's ... the arrival of Miles Kimball's holiday catalog was a BIG deal ... stuff I never dreamed existed!
To this day, I'd rather shop on-line vs. jockey for parking then deal with my fellow "Joe Jerk."
Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with Amazon, plus I love discovering the shops at Nice people!

Sheila Y said...

Yes, I do a lot of shopping online. I use PayPal when possible. I don't buy shoes or clothes online because I like to try on and make sure they fit okay. Except that I just bought me two pairs of orthoheel flip flops...because I already have one pair and knew what size I needed. I have bought a lot of Christmas gifts to send to Mom's so I don't have to pack them to travel home at Christmas. I also buy from places I am familiar with, I don't trust just anyone. But it's true, it can be stolen just as easily while eating out or shopping in person...Take care, Sheila