Sunday, June 2, 2013

I told you so!

One of the things taught me growing up was that personal victories are to be enjoyed with satisfaction of mind, not braggadocio. One of my dad’s teachings was, “You will slip up some time, but the most hollow victory in life is smirking and saying, ‘I told you so’, avoid that when possible.”

In the past few years I have been tempted to use that statement and have bit my tongue. Sometimes it is hard to believe that seemingly intelligent people, can be so stupid. But WE are, at times.

Mama was fond of saying, “Some people don’t believe cow horns will hook.” (Our family never owned a cow after I was born, but I was smart enough to know what she meant.)

I told you so!

Once I was planning to launch on a personal plan to right what I thought was a WRONG by another person. I was talking to my Uncle Hisure, a wise man. He said, “Son, I wouldn’t do that, I am speaking from experience.”

Well I ignored his wise counsel, and leaped head long into this ‘cause’ I had set out on. I won a big battle but lost the war and a years pay. When talking to my Uncle later, from this wise man there was no, “WHAT DID I TELL YOU?” No, he said, “Now son you can bounce back, we all make mistakes.”

But it is human nature to say to someone, “I told you so, remember? You just won’t listen will you?” 

In the case above, he didn’t tell me I had been stupid, I knew it. There was no reason to rehash it and Hisure knew it.

scan1994-96 137

Aunt Aggie and Uncle Hisure (Papa Hisure) holding Luke.

One more story concerning Hisure. Hisure and Aunt Agnes had moved into town from SC. When our Grandsons Matt and Luke needed  a baby sitter, being retired Uncle Hisure took on the job. The kids loved him. He was a pal, friend and teacher to those kids for years. When he passed and our little family was leaving the graveyard in a little group, little Luke (Our Graduate this week) was about 4 or 5; he looked up to his mom and asked, “Does this mean I have to play with Aggie now?”

Out of the mouths of babes!

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Remember, I told you so!


Lukes grad and Z28 013Lukes grad and Z28 015Lukes grad and Z28 017

Sherry’s 1991 Camaro Convertible.  Hey it is for sale $3800 or best offer!! just sayin’.  Winking smile 

 scan2001-05 004

The same Z, 2001 Reece driving , Josh, Stephen and a friend.



Paula said...

Good morning Jack and Sherry. John just got the donuts wish you were here. Music and sandwichs at church today. It's raining and we love it. Have a nice Sunday!

shirl72 said...

I got donut holes for today at Historic House.

When I get hurt the first thing
I want to do is hurt them back.
I guess we should remember Mother and Uncle Hisure's quotes.

The Z looks nice I should get it
to toole around Belmont but my age
gets in the way of my decision. haha

Ken Riches said...

We are usually our own worst critics, I agree, no need to say "I told you..", they obviously know better than anybody!

Lucy said...

You are so right, I am trying very hard when I write that e-mail and I am upset with one of my kids , DO NOT PUSH SEND.


We can be very hard on ourselves. BUT it's worse when someone else is. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow. I see the family resemblance with your uncle.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully the good Lord always has a way of keeping me humble. Just about every time I've ever started to think too good of myself. He sees to it that I fall flat on my face in one way or the other. Now I try to give credit to where credit is due. Not me but Him! None of us is perfect and we have all made mistakes. Sending you and Sherry hugs and love from beautiful Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Sage advice. Very generous of your uncle to encourage to bounce back after you had gone against his advice.


Chatty Crone said...

I tell you - you are a very wise man! sandie

Jackie said...

You are a smart man and have had wonderful role models.

Louis la Vache said...

Hey now!
If that Camaro were a '53 or '54 Studebaker Commander Starliner, ol' «Louis» would be all over it for $3,800! :-)

Anonymous said...

I like your uncle. But of course you didn't were on a mission. We've all been there...

I love the tigers. ~Mary