Saturday, September 7, 2013

Blogging down…….

I think it is time to take a little time off. My last entry was something that was on my mind. It was NOT racial. I for one do not agree with our president on many things. It is not his race, it is his politics. RACE?  My first book, STICKY, was written about a hero of mine who just happens to be black.
I did not agree with George Bush on everything, because I am not a robot. I think we were wrong to have so many boots on the ground. I personally think there were weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq and they were moved to Syria during the long wait for inspections.  I think some of those weapons have been used in Syria.
I remember when Bush was president he was called names, made fun of, ridiculed of being ‘dumb’, he even had a cowboy rodeo clown dress up like him.   I remember one lady saying it would be good if he died. I understood that because we all have opinions.
If we were all robots we would think the same thing, BUT WE DO NOT.  Just because someone doesn’t agree with my opinion, doesn’t mean their opinion is better neither does it mean they are right.  It is just THEIR OPINION!
Remember when a president is elected by a majority say of 56% and you voted with the majority, that 44% of your peers did not feel like he was the best man, so you are going to have differing opinions.
I have said it many times MY best friends, my brother-in-laws, were staunch democrats. I have been all over the board, democrat, republican, independent and now leaning Libertarian. We never had a nasty argument, even when one of them said concerning Reagans death & funeral, “HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BURY ONE MAN!”

I just laughed and said, “You didn’t say that when JFK was buried.”
He said, “Yeah but he was a Democrat, that is different.”
I like comments as much as any blogger, but comments should be about my blog, not others’ opinions. Everyone has a right to their opinion, even if I think it is dogmatic.
I will be taking a break, I will be reading, probably commenting, and hey, I do appreciate all opinions on what I have to say. I do not delete negative comments.  However……
Nite Shipslog.

PS: No comments please….

1924 bentley
1924 Bentley,  Neat car. I would love to drive that around on a Sunday Afternoon of REST and RELAXATION.

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