Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flowers I have known

There is Rose, our own ‘Roses are READ’.  It is easy to tell she is a sweet lady. My buddy Tuck’s LOVE is Rose.  The earliest flowers I knew were Violet and Pansy.  Their mama Mamie Hartness attended the last church dad pastored in 1954. Both these girls were absolutely lovely. Violet & Pansy are nearly in Sherry’s family. They actually share cousins, but are not related.

Violet grew up to marry Bobby Franklin. The Franklins have been close friends to my family for over 80 years. Beginning a few years before I discovered America and when dad’s family moved to North Carolina in the 1930’s.  We were blessed a few nights ago to have dinner with Bobby and Violet.  The occasion was when a shared first cousin was in town from Georgia.  Bobby even picked up our check.  I was surprised to learn that he also reads the Shipslog. (Thanks Bobby).

        Pansy H. Meeks

Life has a way of shocking us folk, even if we are paying attention. On Sept 22nd a few days after we had enjoyed dinner with Bobby and Violet we got the shocking call: Pansy had passed away!  I know I have mentioned this already, but it was so shocking, because I have it on my list to do a blog entry on “Two Flowers I have loved”. Remembering the only beautiful sisters I knew that shared names with beautiful flowers.

It was their Uncle Dale that suggested I ask Sherry for a date (the result of that suggestion is history).

At the cemetery Violet told of a visit to Dr. Albright as a child.  Mamie introduced Violet and Pansy. Their brother L.B. was there also, and the Doctor looked at him and said, “And you must be Snapdragon.”

I was going to tell how these two sisters are just as sweet as their name sakes.

Violet told Sherry, “Now I know how you felt when you lost Lennie (Sherry’s oldest sister).” She also said to Sherry, “At mama’s death I thought I would die. I could not quit crying. At the cemetery, Lennie came over to the car and said, ‘Violet you think you can not stand losing your mama, but time heals a lot of wounds.’  She was so right and I have never forgotten that.”

Pansy leaves a wonderful Guy, Eddie, her husband of 43 years. Two fine sons and their families.

Rest in Peace Pansy, and may you have fair winds and following seas as you cross the great divide.

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The hurt will dim with time, but the LOVE will be forever.



some cars that arrived on the scene the year I first saw the little girl with long curly blonde hair, she was called PANSY, and was about 5 or 6 years old.


Chatty Crone said...

Life and the we have here is so short and so precious. You have taken your life and lived a good one Jack.

I am so sorry about your dear friend. She looked like a wonderful lady.


betty said...

I never knew of anyone named Pansy; but what a beautiful lady she was. I am sorry for her family's loss and your and Sherry's loss of a friend.


shirl72 said...

Pansy was one of the sweetest girls
I have know and also beautiful.
We certainly know how Violet feels, we lost a wonderful Sister. She was my best friend and we could talk about everything. To this day I miss her. Life is short and we need to enjoy each day and be thankful.

Jackie said...

I'm so sorry.
To have someone close to you pass away so suddenly must leave a gap in your heart.
My condolences to Pansy's family and friends.


You and your family have my deepest sympathy on the loss of Pansy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the loss of a wonderful lady...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great tribute to the flowers in your life. I'm so sorry you had to lose one of them. You and yours have my heartfelt sympathies.

Jean said...

Pansy was a lovely lady. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of a beautiful friend. Take care. Jean

Elizabeth said...

So sorry for your loss. When I lost my Mother 25 years ago, the nicest thing said was " It will not always hurt this bad" that was so true and something that I always remembered.

Louis la Vache said...

A fine tribute for your friend, Jack.

* * *

The '54 was the last year for the Buick Skylark; '55 was the last year for Kaiser and that Packard Panther helped launch the Caribbean. Kaiser supercharged the Continental-built 6 cylinder engine, but everyone wanted a V8 in '55.

Paula said...

My sympathy to you and Sherry on the loss of your friend. She looks to be a lovely lady.

salemslot9 said...

my Mom's birthday
is June 19th, too

Mevely317 said...

Aw Jack and Sherry, I'm sorry. 'Just seeing this ....and feeling a bit diminished each time someone's lovely smile becomes just a memory.
She'd have absolutely loved this post ... what a gift you've written!


Sheila Y said...

So sorry for the family and you and Sherry at the loss of a loved one. Take care, Sheila