Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I reached Old age much sooner than I expected….

We who are older actually think that sometimes, but it is not true. We lived the “DASH” as I once heard it referred to. You know, the one that sits proudly between the birth and death:

John Kilroy 1936—2013

Many folk have an early memory. They are usually between the ages of 2 and 4. Mine I think is 3yrs old. The memory is standing on the back of a trike as some little girl pedaled, it could have been Shirl, I am not sure. It was on a sidewalk near a ‘haunted church’. I called it ‘hainted’. A little later I remember knowing an entertainer, he was a ventriloquist. He fascinated me. I could not understand how his ‘dummies’ could live in a suitcase and still get out and talk. He lived about a block from us in a little trailer.

As a preacher’s son, we moved some. I remember the next place I lived was at a country church, I remember very well Shirl falling while holding one of those thin glass pitchers with oranges painted on it. She cut her hand very badly. Then I remember the screams when Dad poured alcohol on the cuts. Shirl also taught me to ride a bike there.

WE moved four more times. During that time WWII ended. Did you have a dream of something you wanted to be when you grew up? Like a teacher, nurse, lawyer or Doctor? I had a dream and I do not know why nor when it came about, but I wanted to be a U.S. Marine. By the time I was 14 I knew the entire Marine Corps Hymn.

It finally became a reality (after a false underage start, when they booted me back home). Of course about the first night on Parris Island I wondered how an ‘intelligent’ kid like me, could be so stupid.Surprised smile

But when I sit and think of all the years I have lived they did not pass fast. Each year had 365 or 366 days in it and I LIVED every one of them. Most of those days were good to great. There were some bad ones, that is life. But over all I have enjoyed these 74 (going on 75) years. 57 of which I have been married to my other dream.

I have decided at this age time is more precious, where as in youth we had so much time to waste, we wished it away.

Poets and scripture refer to the speed of life, but that is just looking in the rear view mirror with limited vision. Life seems to have been short, only because we are getting close to the end, BUT it has not been. I have lived everyone of these 74 years.

Thanks…for stopping by. May you live a long and happy life and enjoy every day of it.

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I try not to worry about tomorrow, but some situations you feel like you must. WE ALL KNOW that worry does not SOLVE anything. But for some reason, WE WORRY (sometimes).



Morgan made a great car, but I never liked this three wheeler. It just looked like it was missing something.


This is the newer Roadster. I had a student who had an older one. I cannot find a picture of it. It actually looked more like my dream the ‘53 MG


Paula said...

I like this entry. I have memories of I think about three years old. One memory is of mama pointing out an egg on a pillow and telling me the Easter Bunny laid it. I remember standing back and being very dubious.

Jackie said...

Another beautiful post...
I'm impressed at your memories as a young lad. My memories don't go back that far...(the best I can remember!
:)) )
Your statement about time being more precious at this age is absolutely correct, my friend.
I remind myself several times a day to enjoy, relish, and make the most out of every precious second of life that the Lord has given to me.
Thank you, again, for a lovely post.

shirl72 said...

Jack that was us running by the
haunted Church. We would go to see Jimmy in the next block and had to come by that Church coming home and they would tell us it was haunted..It was really old and the wood had turned and was vacant it was scary..They use that wood today
to make picture frames.

That corner is where Kat was riding
on the handle bars of Jun's bike
and they hit the telephone pole and she broke her tooth.

betty said...

This was a good one, Jack, I've been thinking a lot of life and how fast the years seem to go; but you are right, it really is the same amount of time from year to year, it just seems different perspective as I get older. Good for you for having a memory that goes back to being so young, I have spotty memories from kindergarten on. I think you and Sherry have lived a good life together :)



I liked the way you described living each year and how every one of them had 365 days. So true. But we seldom think about that when looking back.

Rose said...

Life is precious and as we age we appreciate it more.

I'm back from my trip to Boston. Had a blast with my kids and friends.

My niece came back with me so I have not been online. She left today to return home.

Hugs to my favorite couple.

Elizabeth said...

Love this post! It is so true !

Elizabeth said...

Love this post! It is so true !

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do like the way you view time passing and I'd have to agree, I did live all the years between the dash...As we get closer to the end it does speed up, still we have those same 24 hours in every day. I heard a joke once comparing time to a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. Every moment grows more precious.

Woody said...

I have a hard time remembering much before 6 or 7, I remember the one room school house and the out house as it was cold in winter,I remember the teacher making a big pot of bean soup on the wood stove in winter in the 4th grade The school had grades K thru 8.
I too knew what I wanted to be, I wanted to be a policeman and made it. you 2 take care !! Sending our love, from the sunny warm north country !!
Gary & Anna Mae

Back Porch Writer said...

At 50 I can see that life does speed by. And at a faster rate. Hope you all are doing well.

Mevely317 said...

What a beautiful share, Jack! Just reading these recollections, many of mine came rushing back totally unbidden.
Sharing like this, and reading others' comments makes me smile all over!

Hugs from Phoenix,

Louis la Vache said...

uh... Jack, rumor is you are only 39.

«Louis» knows that rumor is TRUE because he started it himself...

Sheila Y said...

I always heard the older you get the faster it goes...and it does feel that way. And is just me or are we always younger in our dreams? Have a great day, Sheila
PS. Loving this cooler weather.

Chatty Crone said...

I just wrote in the last post that I thought that you were a man that lived his life - and you are.