Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Cedar (or Cypress) story..

First I must show this picture of our Hummers, I finally got a good shot of them:Accord and Cedars 031

Now OUR over grown Cedars. This is the shot of the cedars as you drive by our house.  This is the house our son Mark rents. And YES the rent is on time every month.  But about the trees, you can see they are out of hand, 25-30 feet high.

Accord and Cedars 036

You can see on the shot below where I started cutting back one of them. This view is looking back up the street.

Accord and Cedars 033

I am standing in the road looking across the road at where I started cutting back the last one and you can see our home that is behind the house.

Accord and Cedars 035

So Rocky’s crew shows up on Sat morning to start.


Amazing all the limbs and scrap makes only this much of a pile.


And this is the final look, the crew is gone and the place looks different. It will take a year to fill in, I hope it will look good.  anyway I am glad they are cut back.


We are glad to see this completed.  Now what?

Thanks for coming by the log.

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It was called the EDSEL, by Ford.


Jackie said...

Amazing shots...
I'm so glad you posted the before/during/after ones.
They should fill in nicely and you will have a cypress hedge.
You both look great!
Hugs to you and Sherry.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree with Jackie - loved to see things in stages. You had to cut them down. They got way to big and out of control - I think. lol We have a neighbor who needs to do it - they have grown into the street and it is dangerous to go around them.

I think your home area is beautiful.



Looking good.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, that was drastic!
I'm thinking you want a different kind of plant there--maybe a shrub instead of a tree.

bonnie k.

Paula said...

Now What? You'll find something. When you own a house there is always something to do. Nice to own your own though.

~mel said...

Ahhh... the joys of owning a home! Upkeep!! The hedge might look a little rough and ragged now; but by next spring when the new growth comes on they'll be looking fine:)

Jean said...

It looks nice. We have some in our yard we would like to get cut down. Grover said the other day that he could do it. Ha. We have one in the corner that is dead I told him since it was getting cold wouldn't anybody know if it was dead or not.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Just as he suspected, «Louis» is convinced that those tree trimmers are responsible for giving him his "chrome dome" ....

Amazing shot of the hummingbirds. Those critters are hard to catch with the camera.

Both you and «Louis» have a photo of a '59 Edsel convertible today - same color even!

shirl72 said...

The leland hedge looks good. I can use the mulch around the big tree in the front it was getting thin. Keeps
grass from growing cut down on mowing.

What a wonderful picture of the hummingbirds. They are so pretty.

betty said...

You got a great picture of the hummingbirds Jack! Very nicely done. Wow with how tall those cedars were! I can see why you would want them trimmed a bit and to have someone else come and do the work. I think it looks better with them trimmed myself.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You did a wonderful job of capturing the hummers there. I can never get them on my camera. The trees look good after there trim. What a difference that made. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Lucy said...

Good picture of the humming birds. We have a tree that is totally out of hand growing over the top of the back porch. It grew wild. Thank goodness most of them died an early death.

Glenda said...

The hummingbirds are so pretty. And those cedar hedges will look wonderful with a bit of growth, maybe Mark will put Christmas lights out this year!