Saturday, September 14, 2013

I WATCHED MY MAMA SEW and other things I have noticed.

It was an old Singer pedal sewing machine, and mama could make it do a seam fast. Then dad converted it to an electric, and she could make it fly. I loved to watch her and was fascinated how it seemed every thing was sewn inside out. Oh yes, and little Jackie could get his fingers mashed under that foot treadle several times. Mama’s chicken feed sacks and Dad’s Hog Mash sacks became shirts and dresses.

Shirl probably did not get a store bought dress until she was in upper elementary school (now Jr. Hi ) .

There wasn’t piles of dollar bills around our house, but I noticed when money was being counted George Washington was always facing the same way in the stacks. So I learned that at home. Later when I started doing business at a bank (cashing my pay check), every bill was stacked with the person’s face up and always the same direction.

The military paid in cash when I joined. Every bill was facing the same way.  Now that is not a life shaking thing, the money will spend upside down and backwards, but it was the discipline.

We do a lot of business at ATM’s. The bills are not stacked the same there now. To Sherry’s chagrin, I talk to the machine.  I feel sorry for the little person in her counting that money.  It is probably dark and they can’t keep the bills straight.  I always say good morning or evening and when leaving I wish them a great day inside there. Sherry thinks there is no one in there,BUT I KNOW BETTER!

I also notice COFFEE…. I drink it black the way God created it. My son (and my wife) loves Starbucks, I like their coffee too, but not the fancy smancy  stuff.  Iced Coffee? are you  crazy.  Whipped cream, streaming chocolate or caramel over the top, THAT AIN’T COFFEE! JMHO…..

Okay so as you have guessed I am catching up a little more. Light is at the end of the tunnel (Hoping it is hot the light of an engine).

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog.

PS:  It is never my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.  If I have I am truly sorry.  As I have stated many times, I do not delete comments (Except the adds for porno, when I know about them) good or bad. I Also realize we all have opinions…..

I like a statement I read once, “But if I agreed with you , we would both be wrong!”


1925 Rolls Royce phantom coupe

I cannot imagine seeing this in 1925.

The Rolls Royce Phantom.


Chatty Crone said...

I like Starbucks - coffee with cream. And your mother must have been a great seamstress. I put all my bills in the same direction too. sandie

Paula said...

Glad you're back and glad I found you. This is the craziest thing. I was just reading Jimmy's blog and now I'm reading your's and still listening to his music. Oh well I guess I'll just keep him until I get off tonight if I know how to get offline. No little X's to click on.

Jackie said...

Been missing you.
So glad to see you back on my blog roll, my friend.
I remember those treadle sewing machines very well. My Grandma had one, and I was fascinated with it. And I, too, have gotten my foot smashed under the foot part of the machine. (Only once! I'm a quick learner.) :))
So, you are obsessive about the George Washington profiles on the stacks of bills, are you?
Another smile. Me too!
Sending you and Sherry hugs,

betty said...

great to see a blog from you Jack; that must have been interesting to have the sewing machine converted to electric, wonder if your mom missed the old fashioned when it got modernized. I like Starbucks coffee, the fancy drinks with it, but limit it a lot because of the calories :)

My husband stacks the money in his pocket all the same way; keeps the 20s inside, then the 10s, 5s, 1s showing so people don't know how much he might have with him, LOL.

I think its cute you talk to the ATM machine. It reminds me when son was little and he was asking to do something and I said "we don't have money" and he said "just go to the ATM and get some more; he didn't realize we had to put money in to get money out :)


Anonymous said...

Ah, memories of Mama sewing! There were a few "sacred" things around the house, and it seems several of them had to do with Mama's sewing machine or paraphernalia. We weren't allowed to cut paper or anything other than cloth with Mama's sewing scissors. We also were not allowed to mess with the tension control, though all the knobs and levers were quite fascinating. Mama had an electric machine, and I have a vague memory of my brother crawling underneath and mashing the pedal to give Mama some unasked-for speed, lol. We liked the scream of the machine and we were more thrilled when it went really fast.
Mama showed us how to sew something wrongside out and then turn it on something simple like a "pocket" which would be a little pouch we could put kids' stuff in.
Mama sewed for other people, but she never really charged what she was worth. She would just charge a few dollars to make a dress for someone.
It was fun to pick out cloth from the Sears and Roebuck catalogue and have outfits made from it.
And of course, Mama sewed my wedding dress for me. I'll never be half the seamstress my mother has been.

bonnie k.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the money. Whoever trained me as a cashier at a fabric store, told me to put the money all facing the same way.
I think the point behind that is if the money is going this way and that, you could pull a fast one with a bill folded in half: counting only the corners or one end, it would appear you are counting two bills when you are just counting the front half then the back half. (Someone told me that; I would never have thought of it myself, lol.)
Now I prepare the money at church for deposit each week. I put all the bills facing the same way.


I had one of those old treadle sewing machines too.


She's lucky your dad converted it to electric for her.

shirl72 said...

Our Sister was a good seamstress.
I made my clothes when the styles were simple like full skirts. I
sewed my little finger when I was
four messing with the sewing machine. The skin is soft and the needle had no trouble. Dad also converted a wood store to gas. He was up on all the modern things..I to put my bills going the same way..I like every thing organized

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice it is to see a post from you. I must say you were missed. I learned how to sew on my grandmothers treadle sewing machine. She had a lot of patience and was a good teacher. I do remember well the days of being paid in cash. My first job after I graduated high school was in an office that paid employees with cash. It was really a task to make sure you had the correct amount of dollars and cents so that everyones pay envelope came out right. How times have changed. I don't think that anyone sews much any more. I gave up when material became so expensive. You could buy a dress cheaper than you could make one. And cash is getting to be a thing of the past too in many cases. Welcome back to blog land ! Hope you and Sherry have a wonderful Sunday!

Lucy said...

Our sacks were Gooch's flour sacks. All white at one time and then THEY CAME OUT WITH COLORED!!! I just begged my mom not to have the Gooch logo on my underpants. Dresses were ok. I agreed with all of your blog except talking to the teller machine. Poor Sherry.I have never tasted Starbucks coffee, and don't plan to. Our coffee is cheaper and a whole lot better. Although as I have said, I have never tasted Starbucks coffee.

Mevely317 said...

Gosh, now I'm missing my own mother! She, too, could wield magic from her Singer ... and I'm ashamed to say, I used to resent having to stand in place while she'd pin a hem, etc. ... bemoaning the fact I couldn't have store-made clothes like the rest of the kids.
What I wouldn't give to see her sitting at the machine once more!

It's wonderful to "see" you again, Jack. Have a wonderful day!


Sara S. said...

Welcome back to blogging Jack, you were truly missed!!!

I had to chuckle when you were talking about how you talk to the little man inside the ATM's. When I was working at the bank our ATM was in our drive-thru and the back of it was actually behind the tellers. One day while servicing the ATM a guy pulled up and was yelling at the ATM because it was out of order. I kindly said "Don't yell at me please, it will be up and running in a few minutes." The guy standing outside freaked out and started asking who said that, thinking that the ATM was actually understanding his conversation and answering him back. I started laughing and finally went over to the intercom and explained to him that I could hear him through the machine and that it would just be a few min yet and it would be back up. He graciously waited for his money, but I think it was the last time he ever yelled at the ATM lol.