Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Housing and marriage

First of all I want to say up front that if when a couple gets married and can BUY a 3000 square foot home, I have no problem with that.

Sherry and I have NEVER needed more than it took to survive.  The most important thing in my life was her and she, me. Where we spent our time did not matter as long as we were together. Neither of us came from families with a lot of money, and neither of us had a high paying job so we settled for renting a 26’x8 trailer. It was a love nest. What else did we need but a couch dining room table and chairs very small kitchen, bath and bedroom, but it was heaven. We had friends who needed more.

Up front I will say we are very conservative, she more than I. So cost and payments have always been weighed. We raised two boys partly in a 42x8 trailer that we bought. It was a very wise investment. We did finance it and paid it off. After than we bought a small 2BR house and rented the trailer. That trailer paid for itself at least two times. And when I got a ‘wild hair’ and joined the USN, we had the trailer to move to Norfolk and pay lot rent of $20 a month plus utilities. It was a life saver.

When I was transferred to GITMO Bay, the trailer was again rented and finally given to my brothers family for a nephew and his wife.

Most payments we have had were planned so we could double up on payments to try to pay the loan off early. I have found in today’s world, folks want to stretch the payments out as long as they can with no intentions of paying them off, they plan to trade the house in and move up.

As a General Contractor I ALWAYS without fail, tried to counsel any young couple to build small with room to expand, so if one lost their job they would not lose the house. I tried to explain my reasoning. BUT NO ONE took my advice. They all wanted the largest house they qualified for.

I always smiled and said I will build what you want, I make more money that way, and I will build you a good house and guarantee it for 10 years.

All the  buyers held their houses until they wanted to sell, but from talking to them I found that several had marital problems and came close to losing the homes over the stress of the debt. One ended in divorce because of the pressure.

Thanks for coming this way.

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Not everyone should own their home. I know it is the American dream, but there are folks who cannot own a home.



.Two Ford Woodies. Top a 1950 below a 1940



Paula said...

You and Sherry are so much like Mel and I as far as money and planning etc. goes. We paid $4,000 cash for the house you saw and I sold it for $35,000. Of course we did a lot to it but not much was hired. Mostly one thing at a time. The rental places before that were doozies but the rent was only $35.00 and $45.00 a month. When he died I didn't have to worry about anything. You and Sherry have done so well with your life and seem to be so healthy to show for it.


Right now, in retirement I want to downsize but my husband doesn't. It's driving me crazy.

Chatty Crone said...

You know Jack - I do believe that people - all ages are living beyond their means - it is kind of the times you know. We;ll see how things pan out. sandie

betty said...

I like your and Sherry's way of thinking to keep things small and affordable then to be always worried about making a house payment, etc. I look at the big houses here and wonder why anyone would want something that big to have to keep clean, etc. The smaller the better for me too :)


Louis la Vache said...

That a couple of fine looking Ford "woodies" you found there, Jack! You really come up with some nice cars for your blog!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be a very good thing indeed if others thought like you and Sherry do. It does not take a big house to make one happy.

Jackie said...

You are a wise man, Jack.
I've known that since I became your blogging friend.
Nuther hug,

Jean said...

We had our house built almost fifty years ago, it has three bedrooms, kitchen and dining, living room and one bath and in the late seventies we built the carport in and made a family room. We raised all five of our children here. I agree with you 100 percent. Take care and I'm glad you're back blogging. Jean

Lucy said...

.You saw our house. We paid 9,000.00 for it 42 years ago. All 5 kids were still home but some ready to move on. I want to live here until I die. I need to practice not falling. You and Sherry, as I have said before are really in love and would be happy anywhere. I will be happy if I can continue to live here the rest of my life. Joe can be here if he wants to and we can continue our life together but we have to work at our marriage.As for money, many unfortunate things happened that was out of our control but we are ok. Life knocks you down, and we get back up.

Glenda said...

You've done it again....written words so provoking I have to google and look something up! The thought that came was about that poem "Let me live in my house by the side of the road and be a friend to man", that's all I could recall, it's a great piece of poetry, and I found it! Your message resonates with me, as I've always found joy in making a 'silk purse out of a sow's ear', my homes have been fixer uppers whether rented or owned, and never more than I could afford. Love and hugs.

Woody said...

Love the "Old Woodie's" !!!!!!