Thursday, September 5, 2013

Outdoor dramas

When traveling we like to attend the out door dramas in the area.  We haven’t attended as many as we would like, but I always enjoy them.

I believe the most impressive was ‘My old Kentucky Home’, The Stephen Foster story, in Bardstown, KY.Most of these are musicals and old songs I can follow along.


I cannot remember where we saw Oklahoma, but I enjoyed it. It was fun watching the Hatfields and McCoys, since we knew some of the real McCoys. We met them in Florida of all places. They have since returned to Kaintuck.

The first drama was ‘The Lost Colony’, Andy Griffin  was probably in that production but of course he was not a big name then. ‘Horn in the West’ at Boone, NC  was good.  It was the story of the pioneers like Daniel Boone.

Unto these Hills, is the story of the Cherokees.  And is presented on the Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina.

While hiking the AT, we took time in Draper, Virginia, to see ‘Follow the River’. The story of a lady who was taken by Indians along with her son, and made servants out of her, the son was adopted into the tribe. She escaped and what an ordeal. Sherry and I had read the book, making it more real.

I believe the last Drama was in Valdese, NC. One of the towns I had lived in. The outdoor theater is only two blocks from where I lived while in Valdese. The local drama is the story of the Waldensians from Italy to Valdese and their troubles and trials.

I think the ones I have listed are all we have seen, but Sherry will let me know when she reads this. I have already asked her a few questions as I type.

Are there any outdoor dramas in your area?

I will try to get to some blogs, but I B tard, that is southern for tired.

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Paula said...

Have you ever seen the play "Texas"? It is an outdoor production and I thought it was great. The theater is down in a canyon and part of the play is up high and mostly on the stage. I can't remember the name of the canyon but we flew to Amarillo and then took a van out to the play. They have a barbeque before the play. We spent the night in Amarillo so I saw "Amarillo By Morning" before we left.


The only one was a Tale of Two Cities.

betty said...

I've not been to an outdoor drama like these, but they do look like fun; I'll have to put it on my list to do, LOL :)

Here in the San Diego area they have in Balboa Park the Starlight Bowl that puts on plays like this. I just checked their schedule for this year and they had Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, 1776, Evita, Oliver, among a lot of other plays. What impresses me about this particular location is it is over the flight path for San Diego Airport. I had heard in years past they used to stop singing/performing when planes went over, but with the air traffic the way it is these days, plays would last for HOURS, so not sure if they improved their sound system or what. Makes me now what to book a play there; thanks for the idea Jack :)


Jackie said...

Love "Unto These Hills"....still makes me sad to see it, though.
In NC as I type this. Loving these "hills"....
Sending you and Sherry smiles. Always.

shirl72 said...

Unto these Hills is sad, We saw
Broadway shows at Ovens Auditorium.
Sugar Babies, Grease, My Fair Lady,
Little Me, Sugar Babies with Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller was hilarious.
Jack's Grandson Josh played the lead in a HS play "Grease". It was very good.

I also like outdoor dramas...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can't remember ever seeing an outdoor drama but would love too. There are quite a few in Ohio. I've just never had the opportunity. Sorry to hear you are tard. I'm thinking, you need to slow down a bit. Sherry always does a great job of keeping you on track. Hope you both have a fantastic Friday!

Louis la Vache said...

Not too far from Chez la Vache is the California Shakespeare Theater. It is outside and in a woodsy area near the town of Orinda. There is another outdoor theater in the hills above Oakland.

Then there's the on-going theater of the middle east. It is most worrisome to contemplate where the Mad Mullahs of Iran and Barrack Hussein O-BOMB-A will take us in this play...

Chatty Crone said...

I think we saw one in Florida - St. Augustine. I am trying to recall the name. sandie