Sunday, September 15, 2013

What do you save? What is hard to Throw away?

I am a hoarder of ‘useful things’.Winking smile.  Of course other folks don’t agree all the time.  I have stacks of good rags, but it is hard to get rid of a shirt, even socks with out saving even a little of the cloth for the ‘rag stack’.  And even those I wash for the next event unless it is really oil soaked.

My mama cut every button off of anything that was to become a rag. She had jars of buttons when she passed.

Nuts, bolts, washers and screws are some of my favorites. KEYS! They are IMPOSSIBLE to throw away because they might fit something I have forgotten.

Leather shoe tongues, I just might need a small hinge or a pocket for a sling shot.Smile

Broken tools are kept (I might can fix it later). All electric cords are cut from any thing electrical that is thrown away.

Pencils no matter how short, as long as they will make a mark. Coffee cups are impossible to throw away, unless the handle is missing.

Okay what do you keep?

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I am learning to throw away ball point pens that will not write, but it is tough. Embarrassed smile


Car tags, I cannot throw them out!

acar in Norway

I have this listed as ‘A car in Norway’ I will delete it. It hurt to delete the ones I knew and had years for. So I am shifting to the unknown vehicles I have to delete.



All the same things you save, we save. You never know when something might be useful. We had an eccentric aunt who saved aluminum foil and bottles.

shirl72 said...

You knew the King of collecting and
saving. I think you had a parking
lot full of things collected and saved. I remember a fellow that
bought a picture ask "who do I pay
for the picture", you said "you want
believe this but it is one persons".
He thought it was a neighborhood
sale. I save buttons and need to
have a garage sale.

Chatty Crone said...

Buttons I save. Jokes, QUOTES! Things like that - I have to admit - I am not much of a saver!! lol

Wish I saved money better than I did too.


Jackie said...

You win the Collector Trophy.
Hands down.
Loved reading about what you collect (and why.)
Almost all gifted people collect something.
I collect nothing.
Draw your own conclusion.
Smiles and hugs, my friend....

Paula said...

Oh Jack I wish you could have known Mel. We could barely get our car into the garage. Like you he did know how to fix things and did use odd things to do it at times. When my girls were home and I cooked a lot I would wipe the iron skillet out with a paper towel after washing it then stick it into the silverware part of the dish drainer to use the next time. Well It wasn't dirty!!!

betty said...

Seems like you do collect a lot of things, Jack, but then they could be useful down the road :)

I don't collect much; if we have 2 or 3 extra of something, I consider that good, but then remember I had to help get rid of lots of things hubby's parents collected thinking they could have use down the road :)


Cher' Shots said...

OMG I would have sworn that Thom wrote this. He calls me a hoarder - but your description fits him to a T (teeters) I read it to him and we laughed and agreed - you're alike.
'love & hugs from afar'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never considered saving leather shoe tongues, but I do have a lot of shoes here that I'll never where again. Don't know why I'm saving them. Someone else could probably use a good pair of shoes. I hang on to things for years thinking I might need them. Last spring I finally threw out a griddle because I couldn't find the cord to it and not a week later found the cord. I was so mad for throwing it away...The trick is to find out what is worth saving and what to get rid of. Hope you both have a great Monday.