Friday, September 20, 2013

I am a people watcher and a wonderer…

With Sherry at the Clinic the other day, I sat where I usually do. And for some reason those mysterious ‘ever smiling’ dressed up men and women pull, drag or carry those large luggage looking units. They always have a laptop or ipad in their hands.  they station themselves at the corner of two passageways just in front of ‘MY’ waiting room.

They chat with each other, read and punch their electronic devices until a Doctor magically appears. At that time they hold out a clipboard with some form attached, the Doctor smiles, signs it and they usually smile thank him and drag their luggage back up the hall and out the door.

This time the last ‘sweet lady’ in a slinky dress leaned up against the door jam of the Doctors office, she smiled real big and they chatted for a few minutes, he signed her ‘whatever’ and she smiled EXTRA big and twisted back down the hallway with the Dr. standing there looking.  Not knowing that the whole waiting room (me and one lady) was watching. (I wondered, would he prescribe her pills more than the others?)

My new (waiting room) friend who liked to talk, put her finger on the tip of her nose and pushed it up, I guess to say snooty. she said a few more things (no idea what), I just smiled and laughed, since I could tell whatever she said, was  meant to be funny.

At that time My sweetie came out and said she had to go get blood work, so I said (too loudly) I think I will go for a walk.  And I did.

Now Imma guessing these folk have something to do with pharmaceuticals, and they must come every day, at least they have EVERY time I have been there.  AND….. if so, are the little (and big) luggage thinghies full of drug samples?  If so why don't they get mugged by addicts, hauling that much stuff around? I am curious…..

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


I  purchased thousands of cases of paper for the Government in my job in DC.

The paper companies, Xerox, Standard, Bright, etc must have hired models as the sales persons.  Of course I bought for the gov’t like I buy for myself, the best price. LOL



A very good mix, is old cars and old Steam engines..


shirl72 said...

I have never seen them come in when
I am at the Clinic. I never thought
about that they could get robbed.

Maybe my app. is not at the right
time. They send me to the end of the Hall and maybe 2 people may come in.
Your waiting time is more exciting
than mine.

Louis la Vache said...

Great photos of the cars/trucks/steam trains!

You are probably right that those mysterious people in the Doctor's office work for the pharmaceutical companies. They often carry samples with them.


YEP you described pharmaceutical reps. That's exactly what they do. They carry samples in those cases.

betty said...

I do believe they are reps leaving their samples; that's probably why they have to get the signatures of the doctors. I'm sure the samples they are leaving are not what those who are drug seeking are looking for. What gets me is that the drug companies can afford to leave lots of samples (and I know this from experience working in medical doctors in the past) yet charge an arm and a leg for the same meds at a pharmacy. Makes no sense to me.

I too am a people watcher :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Strange things you see when would make me wonder too. I've often wished I knew the other side of story when people watching. It's sorta fun though to make up our own stories about what we see. Hope you both have a super Saturday!

Chatty Crone said...

I do know this - they used to be able to offer doctors big things like trips - etc - not true any more. But I bet the bigger the smile and the prettier the girl might work on using their drug!

Chatty Crone said...

I do know this - they used to be able to offer doctors big things like trips - etc - not true any more. But I bet the bigger the smile and the prettier the girl might work on using their drug!

Jackie said...

Ooooh...people watching is a wonderful thing. You learn so much (some things, you wish to forget...but then, some things, you can't "un-see." :)) )
I love the photos of the steam engines. Beautiful ones, they are.

Paula said...

My doctor never gives me free samples. On the other hand John's doctor gives him lots. How do they decide who to give them to?

Mevely317 said...

What a picture you've painted for us, Jack! :) Waiting rooms are a world all their own, eh?
Personally, I've little use for salespeople of any genre -- perhaps I'm jealous of their charm?

Oh!, love the reference to the woodies. My h.s. best friend and I tooled all about northern New Mexico in her woodie Morris Minor, but there's no a single stinkin' picture of it to be found.

Have a sweet new week!