Thursday, February 20, 2014

Burlington ends….

Being in the city now for a couple years, dad & mom had adapted.We had two quarts of milk delivered a couple times a week. Instead of the gallon jug of cow’s milk.

The front porch of the house had a slight slope to make sure the rain water that blew up on it would run off.  One freezing morning after a blowing rain, dad put on his house coat and stepped out bare footed to get the milk, he kept on going, slid off the porch taking the milk with him. He was embarrassed more than anything, the milk did not break and he was not hurt (except his pride).


Burlington I got my OWN first bike, a 20” Indian make, used of course, but it was MINE!

Back then in our church, Movies were a sin, but when I could get the 9¢ to get in I found a way to sneak off (I was always ready to risk a small sin). Once I had the privilege, as I have said here,  to meet Roy Rogers and ride Trigger around the stage. (Got into a little trouble for that)

The young marrieds, Dick and Kat came to visit and we all went fishing. Dick caught an eel, I thought it was a big snake, so I saw my first eel.


A wayfaring man named Dougan stopped a couple times. He sold needles, safety pins etc.


The most exciting time in my young life happened there, the WAR ENDED. I knew it was my mama’s prayers that done it, she was one faithful mama praying for the war to end and our BOYS to come home. Such celebration. Horns, bells, yells, laughter and tears. My brother Jr. was home on leave from the USN and rode his motor cycle around unrolling toilet paper, and blowing the little horn.

Hattie, a nurse,  a friend of mama’s, lived near by and visited our home. I heard she had a bag she used instead of going to the bathroom,wow. I found out later she had a Colostomy, that was way back in the mid 40’s.


I had a runny nose, my Sister-in-law Ruth was visiting, I needed a Kleenex. I saw a blue box in the closet and grabbed something out of it. Weirdest Kleenex I had ever seen. I was trying to tear it apart to blow my nose when Ruth saw me.

“Jackie, what do you need?”

“Something to blow my nose on.” She took the one I had, and got me a handkerchief. I learned later I had  Kotex. Yeah, I know----- pretty dumb.Embarrassed smile


(The boxes do look a little a like to a 6 year old anyway!)

Lots more happened in Burlington of course, but I do not want to bore you to death.

Nite Shipslog.


Sometimes boys learn and do not  know they are embarrassed!


We moved in about 1949


1949 Nash

1949 Kurtis bonneville Racer  rose

1949 Kurtis Bonneville Racer (Courtesy of ‘Roses are Read’)


jadarnel27 said...

Hahaha, that story made me laugh out loud. Thanks for brightening my morning today, Grandpa =)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do remember the days of the milk man. I loved having it delivered every day. That is one thing in the past that I miss. Glad your dad and the milk made it ok after slipping off the porch. Back then bottles were glass.

Anonymous said...

I always like to hear stories of yesteryear. When my mother was a young girl, she had about a mile to walk home from where her school bus dropped her off. I believe she heard about the end of the war at school. She said as she walked home that day with each step she took, she could hear the phrase, "The war is over, the war is over..."

bonnie k.

Dar said...

well, they both ended in an X...
I recall Grams talking about the wars end, the folks remember the hard times...we have it made even in our hard times, don't we.
BlessYaBoth...think of you 2 often.
Maybe someday we will cross paths again for a longer visit.

Paula said...

Never get tired o reading your stories.


I remember milk being delivered to the front porch. Your father must have made quite a sight. Had to chuckle over the kotex and you blowing your nose.

shirl72 said...

Well Brother I don't know how
to comment about the K word or
Kleenex. That is funny and Aunt
Ruth was jewel.

I remember the end of the War and
Dad getting us in the car and joining every body blowing horns and throwing toilet paper in trees and everywhere. They were happy because our Brothers and their sons were home. What a happy time.

Chatty Crone said...

Well you didn't bore me at all.

9 cent movies - and they were a sin. I do remember my first movie I went with my brother and it was The Blob with Steve McQueen! 25 cents.

You sure do have the best memory Jack and I do love your stories.


Mevely317 said...

That 'Kotex' business about had me snorting wine out my nose! (TMI? Sorry!)

Actually, I'm intrigued --and not a little jealous! -- that you met Roy and Trigger. If there were posters to pin in the 50's, I'd have sure displayed them in my bedroom.

Thanks for making me smile!

Jackie said...

9-cent movies? Amazing.
What inflation has done to entertainment prices!!
And....God bless your Mother for her prayers. I mean that. Sincerely.
Finally....a snort at the ooops with the Kleenex. I laughed out loud at that one.
Thank you for another smile, Jack!

Glenda said...

Too funny, you with the Kotex box!!! Made me smile just thinking about the embarrassment. Good reading to end my day, thanks[again] for the laughs, one thing that can be said about ya, YOU are dependable {not DEPENDS Jack)Haha!

betty said...

It is interesting how your parents adapted to life in the city and enjoyed getting their milk delivered (but not of course slipping in the process to pick it up). I am sure it was a great day of celebrating the day the war ended! Not too many people alive that I am sure remember that day!