Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stella met Mickey and Minnie!

(More of Jack & Sherry’s child hood after this commercial break for Mickey)

Reece and Stella flew in. Stella’s third flight, she is going to gain some air-miles if she keeps this up.

STella and Reece arriv al 043

We are family, so a little tight doesn’t matter. 

STella and Reece arriv al 039

Stella coloring Minnie Mouse.

For the last while Stella has fell in love with Minnie Mouse. She couldn’t wait to see Minnie. So today the little girl got her dream, and probably the only way she will remember it is thru her pictures:

Stella and Minnie 2

The one above I photoshopped for her, I cannot use that program without a lot of hit and miss.

Then she met the REAL Mickey and…


Her Idol, Minnie, although she did not seem as happy as I thought she would.


Squeezed in a pic. with Daisy Duck.


So Disney World has another fan. I guess that is what keeps WAlt’s dream alive.

Walt Disney was a good man methinks. He had kids in mind and we have all enjoyed his discoveries.

We have been busy around the Motor home, lotgs of fun and lots of kisses from our Stella (and Reece of course)

Reece says Stella is so great, good and sweet. I say, methinks her mama Reece had her beat. But that is Grandpa speaking. NOT TO DIMISH a Great Granddaughter now. Stella is a doll.

Thanks for visiting Stella and Minnie.

Nite Shipslog


Everyone loves to see the eyes light up in a child, and cartoon characters as big as life does that.

Anybody remember the Mickey Mouse Club?





shirl72 said...

I remember M I C K E Y M O U S E
Glad everybody is having a good time. Stella looks like she is
having a good time and the child
is becoming a world traveler.

Tell everybody I said hello. We
are having weather in the 70's here
in the Town of Belmont. About time
for you guys to come home. hee hee

Woody said...

Grandkids are Awesome !!!


How exciting that little Stella got to meet her Disney heroes. memories to last a lifetime, especially with the photographs. ENJOY her company. grandkids are great.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a wonderful time you all must be having. Mickey and Minnie take on a whole new dimension through the eyes of a child. I know that most of my grands enjoy watching them on TV. Some have been there to see it all while others not but they do love it. A lot of my grown kids are Disney fans too. Hope you continue to have a great visit. I know it has to be a very busy time for you, but I can only imagine that you and Sherry are loving every minute !

Paula said...

Wonder if Stella likes clowns. I almost missed this entry for some reason. Glad you are all having a fun visit.

Rose said...

Love Stella's beautiful curly hair!
She is getting so big.

Looks like she had fun.

Hugs to my favorite couple.

betty said...

I do remember the Mickey Mouse Club :)

How sweet for the visit with Reese and Stella and that Stella got to go visit Minnie and so much more! I do like the pictures with her and Minnie as well as Donald Duck; so precious!

Enjoy the visit!


Jean said...

Your little Stella is a beautiful little doll. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us, it's raining in Opp today and looks like more days ahead. Take care. jean

Mevely317 said...

Those eyes ... Stella is such an expressive little doll! I know you and Sherry must enjoy every minute with her!

Of course I remember MM Club. the original, of course. My favorites were Cubby and Karen. Yours?