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There was a time down south that folks knew the day in spring that they could go barefooted. Kids looked forward to that time.  It took a few days to get your feet toughened up, but before long you were running on gravel.


At the most (down south), we had two pairs of shoes, work-play and Sunday go to meeting, or dress up shoes.  There was a thing called shoe polish, remember? I remember there was a Black, Brown, cordovan, and clear. Those were in wax.  then there was the ‘sissy’ shoe polish that was liquid and came in a bottle with a swab on a wire attached to the cap. We used that for sole dressing.


I loved to watch the professional shoe shiners, they could pop that shine rag. I made some spending money shining shoes during Camp Meetings. Jim Page, my buddy in Valdese was a pro. He shined shoes at the Barber shop.



The price of shoes is ridiculous, especially ladies shoes. There is nothing to the flat shoes, especially with the fad or fashion of the flip-flop design.  Now the HIGH HEEL are a different story those stilettos must be made tough to stay together.

ivory bridal flip flops-f24829Fasionable_sexy_women_high_heel_shoes.jpg_350x350

Reece  flew with me to Utah once to pick up Ben. Corey (Ben’s Brother) was his usual flying partner when they flew out for the summer, but Corey was not coming, so Reece and I flew out. On the way back we were on the plane with Rick Flair and some other Wrestlers. We did not have a thing for them to get an autograph on, so I told Ben to take his shoe over and get it signed. Rick Flair signed Ben’s shoe.  We got a kick out of that.


Shoes… there was a salesman who always seemed to get a room under someone with big feet. He could hear the shoes drop. So when he heard one fall, he knew to wait for the other to drop before going to sleep.  It always worked. One night he heard one fall and lay there so long he got it on his mind and could not go to sleep, all night he never heard the other drop.

HAzel Grant Edger Julia Emory at ther shoeshine Parlor

(I Never saw lady shoe shiners)

The next day he found out a one legged man had been in that room.  Surprised smile Yeah I know it’s corny, but it was about shoes….

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There was a lot of Spit and polish in the military.




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I still have some shoe polish in the cupboard here but for the most part the shoes I wear now don't need any polish. Wearing heals of any sort are a thing of the past too. Just give me some comfortable plain old walkers and I'm all set. Funny how my shoes have changed over the years. The was a time when I wore high heals every day to work. Well those days are long gone.

shirl72 said...

I want tell how many shoes I have
because I like shoes. I don't think
I could wear the new high heels,
I think they are 6 inches. Like
"MA" I use to wear heels everyday
but they were 3 inches.

I don't even like the new styles.
I prefer maybe 2 of 1&1/2 they
are comfortable. I do remember
the shoe shiners being on the street and at the Airport to shine
the men's shoes that was the thing
and they were professional. Hope
you are having nice weather in Fl.
Stay warm.

Paula said...

I've wasted more money on shoes than anything else. I think I can wear them and then I can't, need lots of support now days. When I was young and working I had shoes to match everything. My most comfortable shoes I call my tires because that's what they remind me of. Thick rubber soles, but they are cute on top with looks like blue denim with little flowers on top.

betty said...

I liked that high heel bike! Wearing high heels for me are a thing of the past, never wore the high ones like the women today, though. I wonder how many will have back problems down the road.

I remember polishing our white oxford shoes for school every Sunday night :)


Jackie said...

Jack...your blogs evoke the BEST memories for me.
I remember the DAY that we could take our shoes off and go barefooted outside. Mama always made us wait until after Dog Days (I think that's what she said...can't remember...but it was a "day"...) and when that day passed, we took our shoes off and went outside, and to this day I can remember that feeling of getting to go barefooted outside. Oh the joy of small things, eh?
Thank you again....for a lovely memory.

Chatty Crone said...

I love that big pink shoe! I am really cleaning the house and getting rid of things. I had a ton of shoe polish and realize I don't polish my shoes anymore. sandie

Dar said...

Loved going barefoot, in fact, I still do sometimes in the summer, of course, when the grass is soft and green. As a kid, once my feet toughened up each spring, I'd run with my sisters and brothers through the pasture across the thistles. If one happened to stick me, I'd run through a fresh cowpie...was I crazy??? I can't wear the heels anymore but I loved them, no more than 2"tho. And, I have polish around yet too...need to do another clean sweep.


In my younger days I wore stilettos. But now I just wear flats. I fondly remember my father's shoe shining kit.

Anonymous said...

Sweet remembrance of shoe polish workers at the older days.
Pictures are wonderful.

Glenda said...

Loved this one, can STILL walk on gravel barefoot with my Fred Flintstones!