Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sherry and growing up

Sherry was a good kid, she became a Christian at a very early age. Her mama was what I would consider, the model person, also a Christian. I thought her mama was cute when I met her, she had a pug nose and a sweet smile.
scanoldpic7 014
(This is as close as I can get to What Sherry’s mama looked like when I met her, she is holding Elmer and Lennie’s kids, Brenda and Mark)
scanoldpic7 065
(This is Susie before Sherry was born, she was a beauty.)
We were raised in a segregated society. But some of her brightest memories was of ‘Satan’, a negro nick-named Satan who was missing most of his fingers, but would come to their mill house and play the piano while her sisters danced in their socks.
An early school picture:
Maybe 5th grade.
scanoldpic7 038
(Sherry, 2nd row from the rear, 2nd from the right)
scanoldpic7 037
(one of my favorite pictures of my girl)

She remembers the thrill of having Mr. Bolick in the 7th grade.  Her first man teacher. She said all the girls were excited.

scanoldpic7 021
(Sherry is in front of the 2nd girl from the right on the last row. Cute scarf tired around her neck)
Sherry was a diligent student and a good daughter. Once she reached High School, although she was in the Beta club, an A student, she decided to work part time in a hosiery  mill. Her job was ‘Looping’. Loopers placed socks and hosiery on sharp needles on a moving wheel to sew the seam you see at the toe of your socks and hose.
(Looper from the web)
Her work was on production and she always made production and over. Sherry is a methodical person and pays attention to detail. I learned many years ago that is a very good character trait, that even though I know it is good, I still tend to raise my hackles when I say, “back in ‘72 da da da…”  Sherry will say automatically, “That was June 12, 1973.”  She is always right.
Sherry always paid her ‘tithe’ to the church because she was taught that. The first phone in their home was installed and the bill paid by her. She joined the Christmas club where she worked. A program to save $’s from each week’s pay held back until December.
As a dutiful daughter she gave her mama money for her board, as most mill hill youngsters did.
Her mama said she was always a sweet girl, I SORTA believed her Surprised smile.
Thanks for coming this way.
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We are coming close to knowing each other…. I have just one more move, then Belmont.
These cars were built before we met.



betty said...

First again, two days in a row, with the comment! Loved to see Sherry's pictures from her school days and to learn about her work in the mill. That had to be challenging tedious work and to make over production I'm sure took diligence to stay on task!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd agree your Sherry is a sweet gal. Glad you have her to keep you on track with the dates and much more I'm sure.

Paula said...

I think Sherry is a neat person. Neat in appearance and neat in personality.


Sherry was adorable. I got a smile hearing about her first male teacher. I had mine in the 6th grade.

shirl72 said...

Very good blog about Sherry..She
is a sweet, smart intelligent girl.
Mrs. Harris was a very kind and
thoughtful Lady. Sherry was raised with good values. I glad she is a part of our family.

Sheila Y said...

I am enjoying the trip through the past. I think Sherry is very sweet too. I've tried to comment on other posts but they didn't go through, I believe the problem is on my end not yours. I changed devices and so far it is working. Hope you are staying warm, Sheila

Louis la Vache said...

The "Packard" script on the left rear fender of the yellow '53 Caribbean is an add-on. That script was used on the '54-'56 Packards; Packard didn't use it on the '53s...

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh she seems just wonderful - she always was and always will be.

Do you think that boys and girls are just different?