Friday, February 14, 2014

You gotta take their word for it?

In this life we depend on others.  We take things for granted in our every day life. Just how do you know there is anything in that white pill? We don’t know it, but we ‘believe’ those ingredients on the label.

scan1996-97 039

Kat & dick in the Dakotas on the way to Alaska

scan1998 100

Kat and Sherry, Kat was on her way to a reunion. Sherry was driving her RV at the time. Dick has passed on to his reward.

That reminds me of my sweet sister Kat. Once in the Dakotas, she was feeling poorly so Dick (hubby) along with Sherry and I took her to a Doctor there. After the preliminaries and being assured it was positively nothing life threatening, the doctor was going over her medications. He asked her about a certain pill and Kat said, “I don’t like that black part inside it scares me, so I break the pill open and throw it down the sink, and take the rest.”

The expression on the Dr’s face was priceless, “You what?”

“I throw it away.”

“You cannot do that!”

“OK,” Kat answered sweetly.

Going home Dick said, “Honey, maybe he is right about that pill.”

“He might be, but it isn’t his pill, it is mine, I’ll throw that little black thing away if I want to,” Kat was so real, there was no malice in her words, just our sweet Kat.

She probably outlived that doctor.Winking smile

It was Will Rogers that said, “Some people will believe a warning, and others must pee on an electric fence!”

You and I know that a gold ring is worth something in this world. It is valuable for several reasons, it can be molded, it will never tarnish, it conducts electricity better than other metals. So besides someone telling us it is valuable, we know it.

Now consider our currency, $1, $2, $5, bills etc . They are made of real good material. You can wash them, write on them, fold or wrinkle them. Good material, nice printing, but we should know that a $100 bill is really worth probably 3¢ itself. The only reason it is worth $100 is because the US Government says so. So we take their word for it and if someone owes a hundred dollars, we smile and take a piece of paper.  We do that because it has proven to work. But we still rely on someone’s word.

Sometimes lives are put on the line. Take someone with a severe allergy to peanuts. When they eat something they did not cook, they put their lives on the line when they believe no peanuts are in the product.

There was a time in this country that a person’s word was their bond. That and a handshake has sealed million $ deals. That seldom happens now.


(My sweet sister Shirl & I, the last of the family, we have complete trust in each other, makes me feel good.)

100_0958 - Copy

(Paula, here she is a cowgirl, She must have been singing western that evening, she has a great voice!)

BUT isn’t it nice to know some people, REAL FRIENDS, and that their word is STILL THEIR BOND.

I am proud of my word. I am sure there are readers here that their word can be trusted. I think you have friends that KNOW that.  As I told Betty in an e-mail. Over all this is still a great country with a lot of GOOD folk here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Nite Shiplog


Life is good, even in the situation below.


Car  stuck in Cedar Brakes, Utah

This was supposed to be in Utah, but I didn’t see any roads like this out there!!!  LOL

but if our rain had not stopped, this RV park would have looked like that..  HA!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I whole heartedly agree, this is a great country and we do have a lot of great people here. I wish we heard more about all the good that goes on instead of the bad. We do put a lot of trust into what is on the label. Believing that is what's inside, Sometimes we label people too. But sometimes what is inside is better than the outside....Hope you both have a Happy Valentines Day there. ! Hugs from snowy and still frozen Ohio!

Paula said...

I love the picture of Shirl. I've always wondered how those pills know where to go and what to do when they get there. Happy Valentine's Day to Sherry and you.

Jean said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Sherry. We have been seeing the sun now for two days. Lol. I like that picture of Shirl with a hat on, she would make a pretty cow girl. Take care.

shirl72 said...


To think about our sister brings
back good memories. You are right she was a genuine person. I forgot
you having a picture of me in my
western outfit.

We have to take people's word about some things and hope they are right.

I cleaned the snow off the deck and steps about 9 inches thick. The birds and squirrels were waiting for their food.

Rain tonight and warmer hopefully the snow will melt.

Jackie said...

Have you ever thought of running for political office?
We need some wisdom in our country. You have so much to share.
Mean it!



betty said...

So true that there are still good people in this country (and the world too :) I'm glad through the workings of the internet I've been able to find good people like you and Scherry and so many more through blogging! I love Kat's thinking about the medication; she was on to something I'm sure.


Cher' Shots said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jack & Sherry! Jack ~ I think we think alike! Any wonder I feel that I really know you. And any wonder why Sherry loves you ;) You think like me! lol
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

Shirl looks great in her western clothes on your blog.Sherry is beautiful, all dressed uo and the other 2 are nice.