Monday, February 10, 2014


(Some truths about me, spurred by an entry of Betty’s)

There are certain words used in adult conversations I do not like, for some reason, to an old guy they sound silly:



The above words sound like I am talking to a new born baby, or baby talk.

Attitudes I do not care for:

..You owe me!

..You are not quiet as good as I am.

..I am the center of everyone's universe, or I should be.

..Do you  believe it? She wore that same dress last week.

..You did not graduate from High School? (when said snarky)

Two nice cars that I never really liked their designcadillac-seville_6c9cf

1980 Caddy Seville, Brother Jr. had one of these he didn’t like it after he bought it. I remember saying to him, “You are getting rich I see.”

He said, “Jackie, I charged it!” LOL


1970’s Buick Riviera (Son Jack owned one of these.),

Truth is, I want to own an American car, but so far none that will tow, fits the bill.

Truth is… I am a dog lover, but traveling with a pet complicates life.

… I am not the sit down retiree type, I need something to do.

… I have always enjoyed working. But when I started building houses, I LOVED my work. I hated for the work day to end.

Truth is… I wish I had learned more from my parents about their earlier life.

Truth is… I thought there was always time, that is definitely not true. You only get so much time, make the best of it.

I have a one track mind, when I start something I like to finish it before getting involved in another project… That is the TRUTH.

Truth is sometimes I get ideas for blog entries during church, today it was about ‘shoes’.

Truth is I sometimes think of my death as a positive thing.

Truth is most of the time I am the happiest man in the world.

Truth is ……….   this is the end of this entry_

Nite Shipslog


Truth is, this entry is Betty’s fault!


Truth is There are three cars I wish I still had:

1948-chevy-100177 - Copy

‘48 Chevy Convertible, my first car

Scanoldphoto3 076 - Copy

Our ‘55 I bought for $50. (Marty Kerns, son Jack’s best friend)

scanoldpic1 029

A Hudson Metropolitan, we also owned a Nash Metro..(America’s first compact car)


Paula said...

Have you noticed how a word like "selfie" or a phrase like "just sayin'" gets started and everyone is using it? I stay in the cow pen so much I get behind in what's in style and that's the truth.

shirl72 said...

Paula is not by herself I don't have a cow pen, but I am out of touch with today's world never heard these words. I am truthful being brought up by the World's finest Parents. I am like Lilly Ann "AND THAT'S THE TRUTH".

Rose said...

I also owned one of those Caddys but mine had the tire in the back and did not like it either. LOL

I don't like the some of the new tech talk words of today either. But I try and keep up just so I don't feel left behind and confused.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree about you have to make the most of the time we've got. That's the truth!

DD said...

Truth is, good entry....made me smile, because I am right there with you in most, is trutH

betty said...

LOL, Jack, thanks for the shout out. It was good to read your truths; I honestly think death can be a positive thing. I was just thinking about this the other day. When we die, we get to see Jesus. Now what can be so terrible about that? We cling to this life sometimes, but really the next life, eternal life, will be much more interesting I think!

Truth is, I hope you do more truth entries like this in the future!



Truth is I agree with a lot of what you said, especially that part about finishing a project before you start another. I never do that.

Jean said...

The truth is Jack, we learn new things everyday even if we don't leave the house, lol. Now we have television, computer's and smart phones. I look forward to reading your post. I hope this winter storm stays north of us, but looks like we're gone get wet down here. Take care, Jean.