Monday, February 3, 2014

How many first kisses happened This year and other interesting things.

I am a counter.  Something in my head Starts counting at the least nudging. I count steps. I count time as I ‘plank’. I count seconds it takes my hearing aids to start working after they are turned on (4-7 seconds). On the road sometimes I count cars, I count telephone poles. (I try to quit counting my birthdays, but folks won’t let me, Crying face. There are 102 steps across the front of the local Wal Mart at the Cash  Registers.

 This internet is filled with amazing information. At they count about everything.

Count everything

When I checked there had been 96,999,769 first kisses so far this year! Wonder how do they know that?Angry smile

You can watch the national debt climb or you can watch the World population increase.

You can even find out how many liters of beer have been produced, if you are interested.Winking smile

Then you can check on the numbers of Murders and robberies.Angry smile

This stuff is wild to even think anyone is able to even come close to knowing that stuff, then again we cannot check to see if they know what they are doing or not.  Maybe Jimmy knows about Johnnie Walker….


It is fun to play with Google maps and Flash Earth,  It is even getting hard to build a little extra onto your own house without a permit and the city/county not know it.

This electronic stuff is not fool proof. The City of Baltimore has collected over $2million in speeding tickets sent out from speed cameras. It was brought to the attention of the city council when a disabled, non moving vehicle was ticketed for doing 20 mph over the speed limit.Surprised smile! Now refunds?

You cannot completely trust the GPS (the lady in a box, as Pauline calls it) because they are sometimes wrong. Ours has mislead us a few times, but over all it is pretty good.

Things like the Belmont City Camera are neat and fun.

carrol and all...carroll on the  phone

This is Don, Evelyn and Carroll down town in Belmont. Evelyn is on the phone with Sherry, and Carroll is calling someone to get them to look.

I did not have the system set up to catch Shirl when she was down there.

That is so strange, I could  see Don & Evelyn’s Motor home from where I sat, yet they were back in Belmont visiting over the Christmas holidays.

Oh yeah, and during this global warming thing, now the scientists say we are gonna take a break and have a ‘small ice age’ because of action of the Sun, then continue the global warming thing.

To the unlearned, it does not compute!

Now take care and pay attention to the scientists, politicians and sports stars, there will be a test later….

Nite Shiplog


It is amazing how fast technology advances, we do have some VERY smart folk in this world, I hope we are ‘growing’ some more smart ones.




Hotchkiss (?) 1951


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is one test I'll probably not pass...there is so much info out there It's hard to take it all in. We have a sunny day with snow still on the ground here today. Hope you all are enjoying some sunshine too!

Paula said...

As I've said before I like to count too. Birds flying in the sky, wild turkeys, turtles. What you think is wrong with us? lol About the phones, you did say something about phones? One time I found a cell phone on the curb in front of our house. I was in the yard trying to locate the owner and the owner was across the side street in her apartment trying to locate her phone. We were looking toward each other and talking to each other when we finally figured it out. Made for a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Maybe those cameras like the ones in Belmont are how they know how many first kisses there were. (Or maybe they just mine NSA data.) ;-)
I can't count steps; I get distracted too easily, but I do try to count birds as Paula mentioned.
I think it's pretty universal to start counting ceiling tiles or rows of seats when a speaker is boring.

bonnie k.

Jean said...

Jack I'm sure they didn't count my kisses. Ha, I wonder where they get all their information from. The camera showing your friends isn't it amazing what you can do and see this day and times.
I've been thinking about putting up one outside my door. Just thinking! Take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

I'm also a counter. I wonder if the reason we are counters we counted cars, cattle, and anything to pay a game while we traveled with Dad and Mother.

Speaking of birds, yesterday I look up and a Black Bird was flying with a whole donut in it's mouth. That was so funny. It stop at one of the trees so I could get a good look. I guess it had been shopping and headed back home to feed the family. Had a good laugh.

Jen said...

Do NOT trust the GPS. TomTom tried to kill me. He said keep going, but straight ahead was the edge of a cliff. I'm not joking.

betty said...

I'll count steps when I'm walking sometimes and sheep at night if I'm having trouble sleeping :)

It is amazing what organizations will count, isn't it?



I'm not much of a counter myself. But I love that Belmont City camera. How neat is that?

DD said...

Always interesting, your entries...the cam story reminds me of my brother calling me from the Key West Cam....I snipped some pictures and emailed them to him, so he could see

I learned to count strides as I am walking on the track...makes one think they are doing really well...haa.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't believe in global warming. And I am a numbers gal. I count a lot - I thought I was weird and here I have a whole group of people counting with me!