Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chloe and the Cup Cake business

Somewhere in Illinois little Chloe WAS selling cup cakes.  This sweet industrious little girl was doing the baking and selling because her mama said when you are old enough for a car, I will match what you have earned and saved.


So Chloe started, she was doing well, a reporter found out about it and printed a feel good story about this. Citizens loved it, we love to see kids who will do something other than video games with their spare time. Ahhhh but then some one in the local government got involved, the health department, she was shut down because she cannot use the home kitchen to bake goods ‘COMMERCIALLY’, there are a ton of rules you need to abide by young lady. Basically telling her go play games, BE NORMAL, there is plenty of time to be serious.


OR you can have a nice commercial kitchen built, if you have the zoning for it, then it will be alright as long as you hire an accountant and file the proper tax returns.


I am not completely ignorant, I know there are rules set in place to protect the public, but  somewhere in this life there should be some common sense. This little girl is NOT going to set off a nation-wide recall due to an epidemic for heaven’s sake.


Remember the lemonade stands?  I sold snowballs by cracking the ice with a hammer in a clean sock. I have known women who supported their families baking cakes by special order, without the personal ‘industry’ her family might have been on public assistance.

I have reprinted some comments from that article about Chloe, I always read comments:


This is a perfect example why businesses in America are so hard to start. There is a commercial that shows how Microsoft and many other businesses were started in garages. They were just lucky not to be caught by some code enforcement agency. To do things right you need big bucks behind you and in most cases that is not possible.


I want a Chloe cupcake! Does this mean that in Madison, Wisconsin there are no bake sales, or class parties at school, or sharing baked goods at work?? Odd. I understand there are rules, but Health Department officials must be very bored in that town. Ridiculous....


Why cupcakes? Why not something healthy anyway? I don't allow my children to eat lots of sweets as they are bad for your teeth, they make you over-weight, and sugar is bad for you. Since they have never eaten loads of sweets they don't miss them either or beg for them. Not to mention lots of children get hyper when they eat sugar. Just saying.

King Timothy

What about lemonade stands, or hot chocolate stands?



Whoever the official was that did this should be ashamed of themselves.....wonder if they felt important when they shut her down

khiggins... a nation of overclass and beaurocrats.. if it is truly remarkabel figure it out... it is supposed to be a 'fee society' those days are loooonnngg gone..


So what about all those school bake sales we used to have? We didn't have certified kitchens. I suppose it's for the best though. Just let one person get sick for any reason, and the next thing you know there's a lawsuit on your hands.

clip_image001Milford MI

Or maybe they were the staff of the local Emergency Room who had to treat five cases of salmonella poisoning in the past month. Shame on those people who keep trying to prevent your children dying from food poisoning.

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Everyone has a right to their opinion, what is yours?

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There is some good in all comments, and then some are narrow minded, of course if they don’t agree with me ‘They are narrow minded’,Surprised smile Aren’t we all sorta like that?Winking smile




Paula said...

I vote to let Chloe sell her cupcakes. I say the kitchen she works out of is probably cleaner then a lot of the restaurants we eat in. Good for her trying to make money instead of looking forward to depending on the programs for everything.

shirl72 said...

I know a business right now that
bakes cakes for special occasions
I guess they would shut her down
if they knew. The Churches that have sales to raise money for building funds. I guess our Kitchen should have been shut
down. Mother baked all the time
for benefits. I never heard of
anybody getting sick and you and I
are in good health. Mercy, Mercy..

Like I keep saying "THIS WORLD IS
UP-SIDE-DOWN" and getting worse.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Starting a new business or trying to raise money for charity...all have their challenges for sure. Best to check into the LAW before endeavoring something new these days. Here I wish there was a LAW about how much snow we should get at a time. The 12 inches of white stuff I'm trying to move today is one that may just get the best of me. Inevitable that winter is only showing us WHO is in control. It ain't me for sure.

Lucy said...

She should be able to bake her cup cakes, and sell them. The cup cakes don't look like they are going to cause a problem of any kind. They look good enough to eat. I would buy a dozen in a minute. Which would be better, her selling cupcakes or going out and getting mixed up in drugs.

Rose said...

My sister attends a church that have bake sales all the time to raise money and I don't see the government getting involved in that.

The girl has talent and imagination. I would buy her cupcakes.

Hugs to my favorite couple.

Anonymous said...

If the law won't allow her to sell her cupcakes, I say change the law.
Maybe tag on a little rider to give exemptions for folks selling small volumes from home kitchens.
Some places are having to deal with whether or not folks who have farm stands can sell homemade goods in addition to the fresh produce. I can understand the health concern (salmonella in raw egg white icing, for example), but you have to balance health concerns with freedom.
Let the little girl sell her cupcakes.

bonnie k.

Jean said...

I think sometimes all this sickness some people claim to get from a certain foods they eat, might not be all true, yes I would buy some cup cakes from that sweet little girl. I hope you are warming up down your way. Lol. It was a little cooler today here. Take care, Jean

betty said...

I hate when government steps in with things like this. I admire Chloe for trying to figure out a way to earn money. Shame it had to be ruined by government rules and regulations!


Chatty Crone said...

The government needs to get over itself - actually look at themselves before they look at others!


Such a shame that government regulations got in the way of this little girl's dreams.