Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Year of the Horse, Chinese Zodiac Symbol

Well it may be but it didn’t work out too well for the Bronco’s. I was on the computer but Sherry kept me up to date when I was not looking that way.  We have an antenna, so the so the TV done a lot of the FREEZE!  It nearly makes you want to say a bad-word.
I know most of you have ridden horses. One of the great pleasures in life methinks. Like most kids, I wanted a horse. Of course there  was no place to keep anything but my the broom-stick horse. I mentioned here that I did get to ride Trigger around a movie stage when I was 6 years old with Roy Rogers leading him.
I rode a Mule Vondale had. I also got to ride a blind horse and Bub and Jim Page’s Pinto Frank.
We have never attended a horse race, but when we passed this Harness Track I had to get some pictures.
Here on Bloggerville Paula’s grand daughter competes in horse events, and Dar’s daughter raises and photographs horses.  Horses were a large part of many folks early lives.  John down in Texas hires a ‘Cowboy and his Horse’ when he has to work his cattle.
One of the nice things about RV’ing is you learn  of perks you did not know you had. Many occupations (show types) WORK in the spring and summer. They do what is called a ‘Winter-Over’. Where they can relax and also work on next years acts.
Out at the Yuma Proving Grounds the Army’s Golden Knights ‘winter-over’ and jump every day. The shows are free and they are very enjoyable.
I heard that the Lippazon Stallions wintered in Florida, so we found them. Wow, what beautiful horses. There at the winter camp we learned that the horses would have been destroyed in WWII  Austria  without the help of General Patton, who was a horse lover. (From their introduction):
scan1998 105
Assisting Patton in the clandestine mission to rescue the regal Lipizzans, Colonel Herrmann and his father, Colonel Ottomar Herrmann, Sr., smuggled the horses out from far behind enemy lines, riding at night and hiding by day. "We moved out into the night with nothing," recalled Herrmann, "only a handful of horses". The Lipizzans' they saved under the protection granted by Patton, were "more precious than jewels", he declared.
scan1998 106
Quiet a show these dancing horses put on. they are something to see perform. At the winter exhibitions they only pass the hat for food for the horses.
This Bronco thing reminded me Sherry saying, This is the year of the Horse.
Nite Shipslog
You gotta love a horse. A visit to the Kentucky Horse Park is a great trip.

Bonnie sent this to me.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCp7_Gy02E8    4 horses tow 440 HP



Anonymous said...

My son showed me the coolest video of some horses pulling a Peterbilt back onto the road. Apparently the truck had slid on the ice and snow.
I used to want a horse when I was a kid, too.

bonnie k.

Paula said...

Aww the horse looking into the car is so cute. As country as I am I have only rode a horse a couple of times. Once with a friend and the horse went under a clothes line. Once John's horse Waco. My granddaughter has been in college for the last four years and no longer has time to compete and John sold his horse years ago. The cowboy tripped burning pear and broke some ribs so don't know if he will be riding anymore or not. Nice entry as always.

DD said...

Yes, you have to love a horse!


I LOVED Kentucky Horse Park when we went. A nice place to visit for sure. I did not know the history of the Lippazon Stallions. Interesting, indeed.

shirl72 said...

Being raised in the City I have
never been around horses. I do
think they are a beautiful animal.

During the Super Bowl they had
a commercial about a little dog
loving to be around the horses.
They showed a horse with it head out its stall and the little dog
reaching up and kisses its nose.
Then the dog turn around about 3 times with happiness. That was cute. I think it was the Clydesdale..sp.

jack69 said...

Bonnie sent this:

4 horses tow 440 horses. llWOW

Chatty Crone said...

So we are talking horses today. Well I don't know a whole lot about horses. I know they are pretty. And it seems fun to ride wild.

I have ridden - if you can believe it - about five times - before my hip replacement!!!!


Louis la Vache said...

Speaking of horses, were «Louis» to meet Obama, he would tell Obama "We are exact opposites. I am the horse's head..."

No doubt the IRS would be knocking at «Louis'» door the very next day for an audit...

betty said...

I saw the Lippazon horses performed a few years back when we lived in Santa Fe. Beautiful performance. I didn't know their history from Germany, how very interesting! So glad they were saved to provided future enjoyment in their shows for others. Neat how they perform in winter for food.

Yep, the Broncos sure had a rough day on Sunday, LOL. Felt sorry they couldn't quite get it together to make it a tighter scoring game.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never had much experience with hours, but yes, they are beautiful creatures and a big part of our history too. We have Amish communities here in Ohio and you'll often see a farmer with his horses out in the fields plowing in the spring. They still use them for transportation too. Right now I'm thinking it might be fun to have a horse pulling a sleigh through the snow. All is a winter wonderland again here. Storm after storm keep rolling in our way.