Friday, September 25, 2020

So, I started. But first things first.

 Early Gas Stations:


For today:

On the way home from my negative reception about our Coach problems, Sherry saw a Thrift shop in Wildwood that she was sure Evelyn had mentioned. SO we did a U-turn in 18 lines of traffic and went back (The # of lines of traffic may have been exaggerated, just sayin’).


It is a very clean thrift shop ran by the local Methodist Church. We spotted the couch and love seat we NEEDED along with a recliner.  Sherry paid for them and we made a trip back with my newly reconditioned utility trailer. It is Red and White and looks like a new one.


Some BIG men loaded it and we tied the stuff down. We did not lose a thing and now my girl and I moved this stuff thru our 30 inch door and now we have a living room suite. I thought we were home. Hahahahahahaha


Now she says we need some rugs, end and coffee tables. LOL


Imagine my pretty lady sitting on the couch reading. ( Because she was, just minutes before this BUT WOULD NOT allow me to use the shot with her in it.  Go ahead, tell her she is silly. She was cute sitting there.  Now all you guys get to see is a generic couch.


(The radiator is the Black portion in the center, at least I know where it is! LOL)

Now here is the back end of the coach as I prepare to remove this 125lb radiator. So far it is only been a couple hours work to take the simple stuff out of the way. I will not rush into this, I have a couple months to do the job. Right now I have a hundred questions before I turn the first of 75 nuts/bolts I have already counted.


  I also installed knobs on our many cabinets. (Picture when I get the drawer pulls done)


So goes our world. Thanks for stopping by.


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Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness Jack - I love that furniture. You found some great stuff! Looks really good in there.

betty said...

The furniture looks great! A win-win situation. You got the stuff you needed and was able to help out a local thrift store in the process!! Looks so comfy!!


Lisa said...

Your new couch and love seat look great. I love those colors. Sherry is right. You need a rug. A rug keeps down a lot of noise and protects you against slipping and falling (or at least make a softer landing).

Take your time on that coach.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your furniture looks new. You really got a bargain. Glad you have a trailer to bring it all home. What makes a house a home is all the love you two bring to it. Take care taking that all apart and take pictures so you can remember how it goes back together again. I've heard that helps. Sounds like you'll be busy all winter.

Mevely317 said...

Looks great! Wow, wasn't that worth the wait? They look brand new! Your flooring's pretty, but I have to agree with Sherry; a rug will make the room feel more cozy.
Best of all, sounds like you're having fun. (Well, except the coach part.)

Dar said...

It looks like turning around in the ' 18 ' lines of traffic was well worth it. Sherry has a good eye for nice furnishings. Get the rug and the end tables. Your bride wouldn't lead you astray. I love finds like yours. Good job !!!
As ' MA ' suggests, take pictures. It really is very useful especially for such a big job as you're tackling.
loven'hugs from up north where we've gotten several more inches of rain in the past couple days. The creek runs again. It was pretty low the frogs were lining up to take turns drinking in puddles.

yaya said...

That was a good place to shop! The furniture looks great! I agree that a rug will be a good touch as well as end tables, etc. She knows what she's doing! Looks like you have your Winter planned taking care of your RV project. It's always good to have a project! Have a good weekend!