Sunday, August 15, 2021

Deadly Games Governments play

 A special ‘tiny home.’:

Surplus Canadian Army Truck converted to a 'tiny home.' Myra pointed me to this dude.  Would make a great survival vehicle.
If interested the story is below. (Click once then click the pointer)

This Military Vehicle Turned Motorhome Looks Ready For Battle ( 

For today:

Russia was in Afghanistan 9 years, then gave up!  They lost 15000 soldiers. Their military leaders advised the USA not to try to change the Gov’t of that country, it was IMPOSSIBLE!

Now about 22 years and a loss of 2,200 + Soldiers later, we learned our lesson.

My Lord, the USA alone lost over 56,000 of young lives in Vietnam. None of the death tolls above count the loss of limbs and mental drain on the men and women who followed some Politicians’ dreams of setting up DEMOCRICIES OR REPUBLICS in lands that do not plan to practice our way of life.

Bear with me a minute. Can you even imagine the life expectancy of those people in those countries who decided to help the USA, either paid or voluntarily? Of course we try/tried to take as many as we could out with us, but must leave hundreds of these ‘friends’ to face the enemy alone. It makes me sick.

Soldiers follow orders, they do what they are trained to do.  I TRULY sympathize with countries with terrible dictators, or governments that rule with an IRON fist. WE can name other countries in the area with the same results.

The USA and other countries have went to war because we had no choice, the same with many countries in Europe. When you are attacked you must DEFEND; that is why we have the military to PROTECT OUR country.

I do not blame the present administration for this problem, this was set in motion years ago. PULL OUT has been planned for a few years now, we just could not find a way to leave and save face. Finally we must admit we LOST again, then we cannot say with a straight face “I’m sorry!” to the families who lost men and women.

It will make me sicker in the next weeks to hear and see SOME SLICK POLITICIANS pointing fingers and giving blame, when MOST of them, Presidents and Congressmen have some blame to bare.

I feel for our troops and the citizens who fell for the promise to make them a part of a FREE Country, when it must have been impossible from the start.

I’m off my soap box.





Mevely317 said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Jack! Now, I'm wondering if that tank-turned-home isn't reinforced with bullet-proofing.

Watching news coverage from overseas is heartbreaking. I'm at a loss for words, but want to share a little of what my granddaughter posted on FB: "For every family that has sacrified through deployment or loss of any degree in the last 20 years, we hold your sacrifice with honor, and we see your hearts breaking all over again. For any leader that can intervene to save lines, we pray for wisdom and swift action. Jesus, please."


Unknown said...

Prayers for those left behind, Prayers for all these women, young girls and future generation of women in Afghan, Sad to see a withdrawal but the time has come, such a costly 20+ years to change a Territory that does not want to make the effort to change. We are sending some of our 10th Mountain Troops over from what I hear. Sad !!!!!

betty said...

I'm pretty upset about the whole thing so I think I just better not say anymore other than praying for the people and praying for our troops and other Americans still there.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I tend to think we should have left before now and am glad we are getting out now. We were fighting an endless battle. The Afghans need to defend themselves, but cannot seem to do the job. We cannot babysit them forever.

Lisa said...

There is a tank looking thing down here at the campground that is some kind of camper thing. I will take a picture of it today to show you. Ill email it to you later. Its rather odd but cool looking.
It is sad what our military is being instructed to do. But I agree. You can not change or make peace with those over there