Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Truck of the day:

 Grandson Josh sent me this:

Parked in his area of Charlotte. A 1955 Stepside pickup. Love it.

For today:

Of course we all have heard, “I will give it that old college try!” Since I never stayed in school, HS or College long enough to get aligned with that statement. At least this is a try.

Problems arise in all our lives, some worse than others. Two weeks ago I could not get out of bed. As long as I remained relaxed there was absolutely no pain. When I gave it a good try I was hit with a knife in my lower back. I actually thought, “Will I ever be up and around again?” Then I thought of people I have known who were in CONSTANT PAIN. I have a very high tolerance of pain, i.e. I do my dental fillings, etc with no shots, that is a slow constant pain. The KNIFE SHOTS catch me off guard and I do utter a bad word.

I have close kin who suffers all the time. I have been prescribed pain pills many times, seldom take them. BUT have given them to others who were in PAIN! Yeah I know that ain’t smart, but when asked and know the person is in PAIN I do what I can with a good conscience, knowing this person is solid and not an addict.

It has been two weeks, I visited a chiropractor and got a lot of relief. I appreciate my medical doctor but know if it is BACK PAIN I prefer the hands-on approach. I still cannot do a lot of things. NO LIFTING except with my back straight and the lift is parallel with my body.

Thanks to my love affair with cats and kittens we have had a few fleas visit. So WE placed ‘flea bombs’ all over the house and Sherry drove me to the mountains and back to let them do their work. Vacuuming is required for many days after the attack on the bugs.

With my back straight (like a marching marine) I have vacuumed the entire house, including garage and basement, with no ill effect on my back. I have done a lot of heat and ice. The improvement is so good I can think of backpacking again. (Unless I sneeze as I just did, OH BOY!)

I play a game with the fleas, I hear one say, “HEY hide here that mean machine can’t get us here.” But then I go there and the rest of them say, “I thought you said he could not come hereeeeeeeeee!” as they go into the bag.

Sherry hasn’t seen a flea in the last few days, thank goodness.

ANYWAY THANKS for the e-mails, comments, thoughts, prayers and extended love my way. I have enjoyed reading blogs and cowboy books during my ice and heat treatments.  





betty said...

Good to see a post from you Jack. Sorry you are still dealing with the fleas and back pain. I think cold weather does make the fleas die off. In the meantime don't overdo on the back!


Sheila Y said...

Great to see a post! Glad you are slowly getting better. Mama suffered a lot with her back. I have problems with mine but I think mine originate with my feet and legs. Hope you see more improvement every day. No More Yoga! ;-) Love from FL, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

Ugh, Jack. Your account sounds worse than what I imagined. Glad Sherry thought about the flea bombs, and even chauffered you to the mountains to (hopefully) take your mind off 'things.'
Thank you so much for this update; we've been worried!

Gary & Anna Wood said...

Great Post, We have had to wash Tipper twice, we use a solution of DAWN Dish Soap and dip her in it up to her neck and she does struggle but My Honey Holds her in it, We use a combo of Table salt and Baking Soda on all the carpets, sprinkle t on at night and vacumn it and all the fleas and flea eggs up, we vacumn every other day ! We have applied the Baking Soda and Salt twice so far and have gotten a LOT OF FLEAS !!!!!
I am really Happy to see you Post, Hadme worried about being in Sick Bay so long ! Keeping you in our Prayers, Love from the North, Gary an AnnaMae

Unknown said...

Glad you're feeling a little better from your back issue. You don't want to baby it and you also don't want to overdue it. It's a fine line but I know in time you'll be back to yourself again. It may take awhile but it'll happen. Prayers for you.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

So glad you're getting better. Still praying ...

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's so good to hear you are feeling better. Now make sure it stays that way and don't over do things. Backs are very important and you need to be up and around.

Dar said...

I can sure relate to your ' back ' pain. I deal with it daily. Pace yourself and stay on the ice/heat whenever mr.back creeps up ugly....sit tall as you always do and mild exercises and before ya know it, you'll be feeling better. Sorry bout the fleas......nasty buggers, but it sounds like the bombs are working.
love n' hugs from up north in our pleasant balmy fallish days. Now off to make slaw burgers, no bun, for supper with steamed green beans. Yum Yum

Lisa said...

Reading this makes me smile. Glad your back. I miss your post.
Now I need to catch up. Your a fast one.

From over here