Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Care givers and public speaking

 Car of the day:

 Take note of what was called for years the 'Suicide doors', because they opened into the wind.

My Girl at the Studebaker Museum South Bend, IN. Just down the road from the Notre Dame Campus.

 For today:

My girl has been working overtime as MY CAREGIVER and has had her own physical problems. (Term Caregiver is relatively new, but very self-explanatory). Sherry has had very much ON HAND experience as a caregiver. First just marrying me!  Then taking care of me and two BUSY  boys. She took care of my bedridden mama for a couple years. She went to Michigan and stayed by the bed of her baby brother for a couple months. She assisted her dad along with the whole family (And much more)! YEP, she has had her hands full. Now she has been extra busy just: Dishes\cooking vibrating my back and just constantly doing things for me. She is the BEST! I am one lucky dude!

When the local family (about 16+) met here Sunday we had a great time. I mentioned to the family how good mama has been to me, even to volunteer to leave the toilet seats UP!  That got a good laugh, but with a back problem that ‘little’ task of lifting the lid is a MAJOR thing.

I haven’t attended church in a couple weeks. I have missed the few folks that attend live. There were two ESPECIALLY SPCIAL people, Allen and Zelma. I called them A to Z. He has cared for Zelma for a couple years. She is confined to bed and a wheel chair. In greetings they both would say, “I am BLESSED!”

I just heard today that Zelma passed away. Allen will be lost. Please, a prayer for Allen, a dedicated caregiver and husband.

I have been asked to tell some funnies that have happened to us in our many travels, at the next senior meeting. I have never had a problem with public speaking. Sherry and I have entertained Kids and adults for years. I always say From Cuba to Canada, LOL. My trade mark I think, was making a ½ dollar or dollar coin disappear, then finding it in a kids shoe, pocket or in the ear.

I haven’t spoken much in years, I still think I can take making a mistake ‘upfront’  with friends okay.  Just picking the right stories without being TOOO LONG.  Seniors must get home and in bed fairly early. LOL

But a good thought and prayer from you can’t hurt, thanks.


 PS:  I have a week to get weller before I must stand and talk.



Mevely317 said...

We may not see it, but I've no doubt Sherry doesn't have a halo hovering above her head! (I'm not proud of it, but suspect I'd make a poor caregiver.) Who'd have thought such a simple thing as the toilet lid would make a difference!

Zelma's passing must have come as a shock to y'all. Yes, I'll say prayers for her beloved. And for your continued healing, as well!

yaya said...

Many times in life we are called to be care givers and your darling Sherry has earned her wings! Back issues are the pits (unless you make your living at getting them all better!) I hope yours is good and I'm sure your speech will have them rolling in the isles and applauding at the end! Special prayers will be sent up for your friend Allen. Tough time for him for sure. Take care Jack and Sherry!

betty said...

Saying a prayer for Allen. Sherry I am sure is the best caregiver!! It takes patience to be one and I do believe she falls into that category of having patience!! Now don't give her too much trouble, okay Jack!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for Allen, and for you and Sherry too, as well as your family.

Best wishes on your talk. I'm certain you'll do well.

God bless.

P.S. Have it recorded and put on here for us to see!

Dar said...

Absolutely, prayers for Allen as he adjusts to another path in his life, prayers for your healing and for the best caregiver you could ask for. Love you Sherry and Jack. Daddy had back issues like me and he always used to say life gets teed-jus, don't it ! It does, but God always helps us accept what are dealt with as. He's a very wise Master of our Universe. Thanks God for your healing powers.
loven'hugs from up north as we continue to harvest from the gardens....phew, we're getting tired. Time to RE-Tire again.

Lisa said...

Sherry is a sweet heart. You both are so blessed to have each other.