Thursday, September 2, 2021

Life today and the Circus

 Car of the day:

 1959 Cadillac Cyclone, Concept car

 For today:

I face a dilemma, well described in Victor’s blog today. Most people do not enjoy hurting others.  We do try our best to walk the fence when necessary. Today it is two funeral plans for this Saturday.  Both deaths are people who meant a lot to me, but it seems I will not be able to attend both, they are on the same day and 100+ miles apart.

I have decided the one close by. Using my back problem as one of the deciding factors. I made a personal (Hallmark) card for the family far away, I am trusting they will understand. There should be no problem since this COVID thing nothing is Normal.

Do they still have real Carnivals or Circuses? It has been years since I have been to one. The one I remember was in Albemarle, NC when I was in the 5th Grade. They had the Tattooed Lady, Monkey Man, ‘hooche coochie’ show (18 yrs +), all kinds of foods and a Ring toss game where you pitched round wooden hoops. The one tossing was looking at diamonds, knives, small guns, spy glasses, and candy bars.  For some reason the hoop went over the candy bar, if anything, I think it was FIXED!

Anyway there were also high wire walkers and lion tamers.

Towing using only hair and human strength!

The one act that got me was the ‘Strongest man in the World.’ He had big muscles, long hair and a loin cloth (like Tarzan). He tied his hair in a knot and hooked a steel comb in it that was attached to a rope that hooked to a big truck.   He backed up and pulled the truck about 20 feet. I was amazed.

(Not to be out done this lady in London set a Worlds Record for hair pulling)

I decided I wanted to pull trucks with my hair or be a lion tamer if I ever ran away with the circus. LOL

Did you ever want to join the circus?


PS:  Pulling the truck is out this week!  LOL

OH< I forgot I don't have any hair anyway, so that is out!


Susan Kane said...

there was a circus in town last week, first one I have seen for years. All the entertainment was part of the lights and bells, so exciting. The naked ladies were forbidden for any male under 18.
Oh the good times.

Your back? What happened? My back is minor to you.

Mevely317 said...

What a memory you have! I vaguely recall my parents taking me to the New Mexico State Fair and seeing advertisements for the bearded lady and other 'freak' humans on display.
I was quickly ushered past, but always felt a little sorry for them. The only thing that stands out was looking through a window at a little boy in an iron lung.

Given your back -- and increasing Covid numbers -- I think your decision not to travel is wise.

betty said...

Wise decision to not travel, Jack, though I know its a choice you wish you didn't have to make.

Not sure about circuses these days as the big one, Ringley Brothers closed, but there may be some smaller ones on the circuit. I do remember some fairs with the "freak shows" but we never got to spend our money on them lol :)


Unknown said...

Condolences to you on the deaths of your two friends. No, never wanted to join the circus. In fact I want to the circus when I was nine years old and I was so bored. What nine year old kid gets bored at a circus? I'm probably the only one. LOL Feel better.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You made the right decisions not to travel.

We do have a visiting circus over here - but no animals at all these days.

Take care. God bless you and Sherry.

yaya said...

We have had a circus come to town once in a while but nothing lately. The county fair will be held this year (cancelled last year because of Covid). That's the closest thing to a circus I guess. I've submitted photos for judging in the past but not this year. If you watch the folks attending the fair you might think you're at the freak show at the circus! (Or just go to Walmart!) I used to watch a TV show when I was little about the circus. I remember Micky Dolenz from the Monkeys played a little boy who was in the circus. (I think his character's name was Corkie) I might have thought then that circus could be a fun place! Have a good Labor Day weekend. I'm sorry for the loss of your friends. I think you're smart to go closer to home. Take care of that back! Love from Ohio!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The circus always brings back fond memories for me as the first date I had with DDH was to the circus. I'd never been before that and enjoyed it all. I'lll never forget that date and haven't been to one since. Sorry for your lose of two friends. One is bad enough. You can't be in two places at one time so I think you made the best decision.

Lisa said...

Our mall has a carnival in the parking lot a couple times a year. It’s about time they have another one. I think the Shelby fair had a drive through fair last year. How does that even work??? I love to walk through the lights and sounds but I don’t trust them rides anymore.

Catching up

Dar said...

The Ringling Brothers home base was Baraboo, WI. My SIL and his wife lived there and the house they rented had circus advertisement posters lining the ceiling and walls of the attic. We wondered if one of the brothers lived there at one point. We also were visiting the year they closed the circus park doors. The elephants were free to wade in the river until one of them escaped. I never did, however, want to be in the circus. Seeing the animals was a thrill but the rest, not so much. I'm glad you decided not to travel with your back issues. It would have set you back even longer. I can relate. My sincerest condolences however, on your loss of dear friends. Rest, dear boy, rest.
loven'hugs from up north where sauerkraut is fermenting and corn stalks are being chopped for hog feed. It's another beautiful fallish day