Saturday, September 4, 2021

You would think….

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You would think everyone would die in the order they were born, i.e. First born, first to depart. Over the last 30-40 years I have learned that is not the case. Now, more so as I reach the age of OLD PEOPLE, I am reminded in OBITS that many folks younger than I are meeting our maker.

Cousin Bobby was only 81, Zelma was only 80. YES I can say ONLY because I am just a little older. AGE is a strange phenomenon, when you are a TEENager a 36 year old person (even dad or mom) is OLD!  When you are 36, hey anyone approaching SS age is OLD. ………. Etc.

But reading this you know the feeling I am sure, no need to try to explain. Some who read this have lost a mate and/or a child. I cannot even imagine how one must feel in those cases, thank God, so far I have not experienced that.

Today, for the first time, I will see my dear friend Allan without his dear Zelma, as he pushes her in a wheeled chair. I have NEVER seen them separated. As I say that I know there are only a few people alive today who have seen Sherry and I separate. We have been separated many times by deployments and circumstances beyond our control, just not very often in the past 20-25 years.

I have heard friends say, “I must get away for a few days without my wife (husband).” 

After forced separations of months at a time, I cannot imagine saying that. Shucks, I didn’t say that before the separations. Hey, I have had many days just at work I missed that girl. LOL

Sorry, if today is a downer, but funerals are not my best suit.  I don’t fear them, and seldom avoid them. In cases of this wonderful lady I will say good bye to today, it is nearly a joy. No matter her condition in that wheeled chair when I asked, “Hey girl, how are you?” The answer ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL was: “I am BLESSED!”

I hope when this body is in a little box or the big box and I have already started my last voyage, hopefully folks I have known can truthfully say, “I’ll miss the old boy BUT HE is in a better place!”

Love y’all, BE safe!!


PS:  I am doing much better and not planning to take THAT voyage anytime soon.



Susan Kane said...

Pretty profound here, jack. I know what you mean. In the Midwest, funerals were events.

Mevely317 said...

Yes, this is another difficult day for y'all. I'm sure your presence meals a lot to Allen.
I belong to a private hometown FB group, and it's an unsettling feeling to realize how many of these folks were younger than me.
Yes, we're very blessed.

betty said...

Glad you aren't taking that journey any time soon, Jack!

Funerals/passings are somber events and do make us think of our mortality. I always read obits and wonder about the people who passed on and know they will be missed by their families, friends, those who love them, etc. I feel for Allen. Hard to lose a spouse.


Glenda said...

Sorry you lost a good friend, it's kind of you to say with sadness, she's is in a better place". While she'll be missed, you're right. I smiled at your closing comment, yep, that voyage is one all of us who love you," and Sherry pray that y'all around for more cruising around. Love and hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Unknown said...

So glad you're feeling better. I hope you're around for a long time, sharing and enjoying life with the woman you so very obviously love very much.

Lisa said...

Funerals seem to come in bunches. I think about mine all the time and I’m only 52. I have seen many people my age and younger pass away.

Me and Nick are always together. In 28 years, we have only been apart twice and thats when I went to out of state photo shoots. I gave that up. I miss him like crazy and he misses me too. We text each other a couple times a day while at work just to say “I love you” or “I Miss you”.
I would could be completely lost if something were to happen to him.