Thursday, September 16, 2021

Is it true, are there TRUISMS?

Car of the day:

For today:

I am not consistent in keeping a clean car, BUT AFTER cleaning the car, I am consistent in saying: I AM GOING TO DO THIS REGULARLY! Now please don’t accuse me of lying, I think ‘I really mean it.’ Yesterday I not only washed the car, but for me I ‘DETAILED’ it. I think that is a new way of saying “I really cleaned it WELL!”

I mean I removed the rugs, vacuumed them and UNDER them. Dusted and cleaned the instruments and little crevasses. Actually removed the stuff that had fallen beside the console, and vacuumed there. I cleaned where the doors open and close, ends and under. I put that Armour-all stuff on the tires, boy do they shine.

The Honda CRV that Shirley left us looks NEW. I stood back after drying the outside and said, “I am going to keep it like this!” (AGAIN)

I refuse to pay a car wash when I am doing NOTHING myself, I need the exercise, I say. My family says I am really, “Just cheap.”

We drove the car to church last night. NO ONE bragged on our car, and it looked fantastic! BUT now I ask you, “IS IT TRUE?”

The sun was shining and the sky clear when I did the deed. I was thinking as I washed the car, “Is this like doing a RAIN DANCE??”

Well today the car is still good, but outside it is raining. Did I cause this? I might just leave it in the garage until the roads dry and the sun shines. LOL


Wash the car, it is gonna rain.

Drop a slice of bread with p-nut butter on it the P-nut side is DOWN.

Take the umbrella and it won’t rain. (don’t take it and you might just end up buying one at Cracker Barrel.

What are other truisms you have proven?



Mevely317 said...

Another enjoyable post, Jack! Man, that's a good looking Honda. I'm afraid the shape my Camry's in, a professional detailer would take one look and say, "Ma'am you can't afford what it's gonna take to pretty this up."

I know that one about forgetting one's umbrella! I'm sure there's more, but the only thing that comes to mind is my mother's prediction: "If you tell a fib and say you're sick, you WILL get sick. Only worse!"

NanaDiana said...

That has happened to me, too. Wash the car and then it rains!
Some truisms:
Some things never change.
It is what it is.
Patience is a virtue.
The apple never falls far from the tree.
You are responsible for your own success and your own failure.
Success breeds success.
You must be a friend to get a friend.
Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Hope you and your honey have a wonderful weekend. Hugs- Diana

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Your car looks fantastic. You did a great job and should be really proud.

Some truisms are true, others are not.

They say the apple never falls far from the tree. I once found an apple in the park. The nearest apple tree was miles away. It must have fallen out of someone's pocket or bag.

They say elephants never forget. I've never received a birthday card from an elephant. They forgot.

God bless, Jack and Sherry.