Monday, September 27, 2021

Everyone wants to go to heaven, BUT…


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When you or someone you love has faced that dreaded word Cancer you try to learn all you can about it. Others give it a quick scan and say ‘We need to pray about it.’ Nothing wrong with that, but we also need to understand.

 Let me regress. Some years ago my sister Shirley called us and said, “Jim has something to tell you.” Then she put her husband on the phone.

“Jack, the Doctor just gave me a death sentence, I have incurable and untreatable Esophageal Cancer.”

We went on talking and he was positive, ‘but I can beat it!’ Sadly he did not.

I mentioned that because some folk immediately get a fatal attitude just at the word Cancer, because we have known so many who were taken from us by that dreaded name.

Before I go any further please consider this (Taken from WebMD:

Unlike other diseases, cancer has its own language: There’s no cure for it, but there are treatments that may be able to cure some people of some cancers.

When you understand the difference, it makes all the difference.

 “Fruit” is a general term you use to cover many different kinds: applescranberriespineapple and more.

Likewise, “cancer” is a catch-all word for more than 200 types, including cancers of  the bladderbrainbreastcoloneyekidneyliverlungsovaries, and skin  .....................................     

I am one of those who never understood the word. I must guard or I will paint the dreaded word with a broad brush and ‘BEGIN TO THINK’ There is NO HOPE!

When a person is given relief, I hear (and think to myself at times) ‘But it comes back!!’ Sherry’s sisters were both given more time. One three years the other about 20 years. That time was sweet to the family during extra productive years before succumbing to its final call.

So let me ask you? Can you put a value on an extra year of life?  What about a month, day or week? Life is valuable. There have been times that a minute seemed invaluable as I have watched some absolutely beautiful sunsets over the ocean, plains or mountains. There is no way to value that beauty.

(Rick could catch ‘some of the feeling on film.’ Old Pete over at  Catches some beautiful desert sunsets.)

Hey we all want to go to Heaven, but as the old saying is, ‘But no one wants to die!’ Every moment of life is VALUABLE, let’s appreciate every minute we are given here. Heaven can wait, it is awaiting, with those who have gone on before.




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This post surely did hit home. My youngest son had cancer 20 years ago and was blessed to have been given 20 years to live without it, now it has come back and he wants 20 more years to live. He has young children and wants to see the graduate. We don't get a choice, but yes, I think most want to live.

Mevely317 said...

Like Ma, this certainly hit home. Not two years after we married, Tom was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Another 5 years, lung cancer. Funny, both time he believed the worst-case scenario, yet here he is now. For as long as I can rememeber, just hearing the word 'cancer' gives my soul a chill.
Wish more $ went into research and less into exploring outer space, ya know. (But no-one asked. LOL)

yaya said...

Life is fragile and never long enough. Mom passed last year at age 94 and many said she had a nice long life. Maybe 94 more would have been long enough? For those who loved her probably not! Just enjoy each day and make your day heaven on earth.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Very thought-provoking post, Jack. Thank you.

Praying for all those stricken and involved with this and other illnesses.

God bless you and Sherry. Thanx.