Sunday, September 19, 2021

I have the answer


Memorable car of the day:

                    1954 Ford La Tosco , never in production.                                                 


For today:

I remember a line from a Bob Newhart show.  He was the psychologist I think. A patient was explaining that a problem she had running around in her head and she could not control it. It was worrying her to death.  He looked at her very concerned and said, “Stop it!” 

I have found it easy to solve the other guy’s problems. Mine? That is a different story they are just too complicated for others to understand. LOL

In reality when I look around me and see some of the things others are suffering thru, I must laugh at my own set of ‘worries’.

I have said it a lot, as a matter of fact I said it again today to Son Jack; there are times I think I am HIS favorite. Of course I know that is not a valid statement, but God had been so good to Sherry & I personally, I am so blessed. Shucks, We are 4 days from our 65th Wedding anniversary.

We have never required much. We could have afforded a nice house with payments, but opted for much less. I smiled earlier today when I ran across the picture of a house we moved into. It was dilapidated and we had two boys. There was no indoor plumbing. It had a kerosene stove for heat. The boys like to think of that now, they can say they lived in a house with an outhouse.

We have grown from trailers to nice homes, but that was strictly management and hard work.  What I am so thankful for is our health. I have spent the day in a hospital due to snake and dog bites, but never overnight. Sherry has been in overnight giving birth, but not for a serious illness.

So I just want to say in Writing, I thank HIM every day for his Blessings.  No one knows what tomorrow holds, but for now, I am HIS pet.

I am smiling, I guess ‘pet’ is colloquial, down here if one kid seemed to be treated better than others at home or in school they were Daddy’s pet (my sister Shirley) or teacher’s pet, ME! LOL




Glenda said...

But get over your bad self, Sean is my 2nd best!!!
Hope you and Sherry are keeping it safe; wearing masks and no prophylactics [just in case]...
On another note that vehicle you posted, that didn't pass muster looked a bit familiar? Was that one the Ford 'smart guys" re-engineered and brought out as another "new" vehicle??? Love and warm hugs from Chobee! Glenda

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Bob Newhart was great, wasn't he? One of the best comedians ever.

Mevely317 said...

Cracking up about that '54 Ford! Why it looks like someone took a brush to a bottle of Pepto Bismo!

Yes, I know what you mean - seeing the challenges others are facing. I've been sitting here worrying (obsessing) about my son -- who may or may not have Covid. (Tested negative, but all the symptoms fit -- and there's not a darn thing I can do about it.) This morning my concerns centered around Tom; then, that call. Perspectives a mighty thing, isn't it?

You and Sherry are probably the most blessed couple I know ... deservedly so!

Lisa said...

Cute post. Yes everyone elses problems are easy to solve. I guess its because we are on the outside looking in.


Unknown said...

I had to call my husband over to look at that 1954 pink number. That's the year he was born. He liked it! So glad God has blessed you and Sherry with good health and a long happy marriage. You are good people, I can tell, so I am happy for you both. May your good health continue, and of course I know your marriage will.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Many congratulations, good wishes and prayers fro your 65th Wedding Anniversary. May you be always happy and healthy together, in God's grace, love and protection.

You are a wise man, Jack. I have learnt a lot from visiting your Blog. Thanx.

God bless you and Sherry and family.