Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Shots, trash and stuff

 Car of the day:

 1955 Lincoln Futura (concept)  they shoulda produced it!

For today:

No I haven’t gotten the shot yet. Something seems to come up. BUT today I tried to schedule the shot. I don’t want to take the vaccine if I have any physical problems. It was my back first then lately it was a runny nose. That is gone away now. So no excuse, and I do think it is important for me. I am waiting for information back for an appt.

I still think one should use common sense and do what is necessary. Personally since I have decided to get the shot, if I would get sick, suffer and possible die; I don’t want to be saying “I meant to do it!”  LOL (sad laugh!). I have read that lately, “I wish I had taken the shot!” Said by folks just before they died from Covid.

Note: Our car stayed clean until yesterday (drove in the rain), just thought I would throw that in. ;-)  Grandson Matt Dillon noticed it was clean the other evening and said it looked great. (He got some brownie points!) LOL

The cats aren’t showing up on a real regular basis since neighbor Michelle gives them ‘GOOD PEOPLE’ food. LOL They look at me then the food and back as if to say, “Is that it?”

We have two houses next door that are in terrible shape, they are falling down and collecting more junk as time passes with no owner living there. Jim the owner stops by occasionally (once a month, maybe). I would report the situation, but Jim is a good friend and I do not want to cause him any trouble.

It is like situations in most cities w/o complaints, nothing is done unless the problem is high profile. So in cases like ours, it is a dead end street, and the only official traveler here is the postman. The city workers are busy other places and unless they receive a complaint, it remains the same. I have set a deadline, if nothing has changed by next spring when we return, I am going to talk to the city (MAYBE & HAHA!!). Enough is enough. In the mean time I am going to try to talk to Jim.




yaya said...

Around here all you have to do is walk into any drug store or even Walmart and ask for the shot. No appointment needed. I'm glad you're getting it. I know there are lots of opinions out there for and against. Everyone needs to do what they feel is right for them.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Whenever I clean the car the birds get it dirty again. They seem to know when I clean it.

God bless always.