Tuesday, September 21, 2021

That Special day: Sept 22, 1956

Memorable car of the day:       

Our car in 1956

        1950 Chevy coupe              
 For today:

My daddy was a preacher but we went to a Justice of the Peace to get married. We took our parents and had their permission. Believe it or not, that was September 22, 1956.


(The above device was not in most stores when we were married, remember it?)

She was 18, a HS grad and member of the National Beta Club (meaning she was a smart girl). I was 17, a HS drop out and a PFC in the USMC having a big income of $78 a month. She had plenty of potential and settled for me. I was/am one lucky dude.

That was 65 years ago. There is no way I could list all the addresses we have had over the years. She has been my friend, my wife and the Love of my life. I would be lost without her.

(Yep we were all in the Magistrate's office)

She says she doesn’t believe me when I say she is still the most beautiful girl in the world, BUT she is. This girl is beautiful inside and out. Just ask her two sons.

We have been fortunate in our 65 years, including 20 years in the military, we have been separated only once on our anniversary. That was our first one.  I was on deployment at Turkey’s Saro’s Bay in the Mediterranean Sea. I got off to myself and cried some as I thought of the song Fraulien that was popular then;

Fraulein, Fraulein
Look up toward the heavens
Each night, when the stars start to shine

By the same stars above you
I swear that I love you
You are my pretty Fraulein

When my memories wander
A way over yonder
To the sweetheart that I left behind

In a moment of glory
A face comes before me
The face of my pretty Fraulein

Fraulein, Fraulein
Walk down by the river
Pretend that your hand's holding mine

By the same stars above you
I swear that I love you
You are my pretty Fraulein

WE talk about how lonely we were.

Military wives are not appreciated as much as they should be. So many times they are left to handle the cuts and bruises, do the cleaning, cooking, get the kids off to school, make sure the bills are paid and do the 100’s of things by herself.

But we are together now and much is behind us. We are on the down side and want to enjoy them as long as we can.


PS: We have known very few folks who enjoyed 65+ years together we feel blessed. 

Funny, my sister Kat, married Sherry' BIL Elmer, after they both had lost their mates. They joked at being married over 110 years. (totaled)

PS 2:

Our next motor home, thanks for the tip Evelyn:


Mevely317 said...

Aside from my son and DIL, you're my favorite couple!
I know it wasn't always easy, but y'all make it look that way. Congratulations!!!

Susan Kane said...

Just guessing, but Sherry would give you all sorts of verbal warnings? There is an Air Stream store a few miles from us. You would be much safer with those.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Many many congratulations to you both on your 65th Wedding Anniversary. I wish you many years together full of happiness, good health and whatever you desire.

I pray for you and yours. God bless always.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congratulations and happy Anniversary. I don't know any one that has been married as long as you two hae. You have been blessed to have each other all these years. I'm widowed now but had the love of my life for only 27 years. He was the best man i ever knew and never found anyone to replace him. Sometimes we only get that one special person in our life and I think you found yours too.

Sheila Y said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations again on 65 years, I love how much you love each other. Mom and Dad were 16 days from 68 years when he passed.
Sending love and hugs from Florida, Sheila