Saturday, September 25, 2021

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 Car of the day:

 1956 Pontiac Club DE Mere

Not bad but the shark fin is a little too much!

For today:

Over the last few years of our life on the road we did some volunteer work. When you volunteer you can pick the kind of work you enjoy, doing that is fun and you help folks in the meantime. There was a very sweet lady who needed a bathtub replaced, it actually had a hole rusted in it. I looked at the job while Sherry talked to Sadie. She was a Rancher’s widow in Florida. She was about our age methinks. She had a nice Ranch house but it had gone downhill after the death of her husband. She was on SS and like many folks with house and property, taxes were taking the toll.

When I told her I could do the work, she said, “I need to know what it will cost.”

I said, “Nothing, Sadie, it isn’t a big job.”

“I’m not used to this, I need to pay something. Can I buy the new faucets?” she asked.

“I said, “Of course, if it will make you feel better.”

We did the job and sorta slid the faucets in without mentioning it again.

Now, that is what I call fun. It is such a joy to help someone.  It helps the thrill if they are TRULY sweet folk. I’m smiling now remembering what Sheila just wrote over at ‘Southern Comfort.’ The grand kids were telling how Grandma Jean (of Opp) would pay them for errands and they would slip the money back into her purse, it turned into sort a game for them.

I don’t do much of that stuff anymore, but the last two days have been fun, I built 3 birdhouses. Granddaughter Megan had stated a few weeks ago, “If you have some scrap wood, I would sure like a bird house.”

It is really fun to play with my tools.  I made a good living with them. Now it is payback time, using what I learned over the years. It is nice to see smiles of appreciation. I have learned a lot, SMILES mean mountains in satisfaction. Money cannot buy a REAL SMILE, but help at the right time, earns one!

Amazing how good building a bird house makes you feel. LOL




Mevely317 said...

I love your altruistic hearts ... and I'll bet Mr. God does, too.
Love from a pretty day in 'Bama, on my way back to the hospital to see the (reluctant) patient. LOL.

Lisa said...

The world need more men like you . You and Sherry are so kind and loving people. I always wanted to build a bird house. Never gotten around to it.

Lazy Sunday

yaya said...

You're not just doing a good deed you're the answer to someone's prayer! Such a nice thing to do.

Sheila Y said...

I agree with Yaya! You two are a blessing to a lot of folks and an answered prayer.
<3 Sheila

Victor S E Moubarak said...

God will always reward you for your good works. Thanx Jack.

God bless always.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I definitely agree about the smiles. They do make a difference. It's good to Help other people that always makes us feel good. I would think the possibilities are endless. I've painted a few bird houses to give away, I need to do more of that. Making gifts for others. When we share with others, it always comes back to us and that includes a SMAILE too.