Monday, September 20, 2021

Hairy legs, pocket knives and stuff

 Memorable car of the day:

      1955 Ford Mystere, never produced, they should have!

               For today:

I can remember when I had hair on my legs. Now there is none. I attribute it to never wearing shorts. I am on my knees a lot (it would be nice if it were praying more BUT….), I am always looking under things like cars, houses, cabinets, the motor home, etc. Therefore I am continually on my knees during any one day. I would need to wear ‘knee pads’ if I wore shorts.

This kid  could be our grandson Corey!!

                        Cory and Scruffy

However this subject came up in my mind yesterday when I was sharpening my pocket knife. When I was younger I kept my knife sharp enough to shave. I always tested it by crossing my left leg over my right, pull up my pant leg and shave about an inch of hair just to be sure the knife was sharp.

I cannot do that anymore, my legs are as slick as my head. Now to test my knife I do a very short trial on my arm hair. Yep still keep it sharp enough to shave, but I do not use it as often.

Over my life time a boy’s pocket knife has been my best friend. I can open most locked doors or windows in p/u trucks and houses.

Peeling apples or splitting a peach to dig out the seed, or cleaning fish to roast on a river bank. I once X’d a snake bite to suck the blood out of a bite. I didn’t get sick. I guess I shoulda done that with that last snake bite, LOL.

 I have lost a lot of knives over the years and also saved some too.

Of course the male of our species ain’t right in the head much of the time. I remember wishing I had a bigger separation of my front teeth to squirt water farther. For some reason it was necessary to make noise by putting your hand over your arm pit and squeeze out that ‘sound’. Then we had to see who could hold their breath the longest once we had a watch with a second hand. Then there was the contest to see who could shoot ‘spit-wads’ in class and not get caught. That graduated to using rubber bands to propel paper missiles.

I never understood how boys could shoot marbles while wearing shorts, I wore the knees out, to mama’s dismay.



yaya said...

The no hair thing has to do with age. I bet if you asked men (and women) to show you their legs there would be lots of hairless limbs! However, you might get beat up if you do that with strangers! Ha! My hubby always has a little pocket knife and he had to forfeit his favorite one when he forgot he had it in his pocket at the airport! We were commenting on how we used to spit watermelon seeds when we were kids but these days most watermelons are seedless. I feel bad for kids who will never have that fun thing to do!

Gary B Wood said...

I just noticed, My legs have very little hair, never gave it much thought till I read your post !!! I carry a Pocket Knife, "Jack Knife" ! It is sharp but I have to be very careful on getting cut due to blood thinner medications. My Dad and my Gramps also carried Jack Knives, Just enjoying the last nice days this week as it is gonna Rain for a while. Take Care down there !! Sending down Love from the North ! Gary and Anna Mae

Sheila Y said...

My Dad always carried a knife. I have a couple of his. I’m sure we spit watermelon seeds, but I remember squeezing them between two fingers and shooting them out.
Sending love from Florida, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

Oh, I've got to remember and show this to Tom tomorrow. I suspect he's still harboring a grudge against the TSA for making him forfeit the knife that belonged to his father.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You have some amazing memories and stories to tell. Life was so different when we were young.

God bless always.

Lisa said...

Ok I was a tom boy. I played with the boys most of the time. I guess because I always admired my big brother. I used to carry a pocket knife too. I thought I was cool. I would use it to carve acorns, cut flowers, carve my name in the desk or tress, etc. I even became a blood sister with one of those things. I did all of those mean little things you just mentioned except wanting a gap in my front teeth but I did think it was cool of those that could whistle through the front of their teeth.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember the days of putting knee patches on the boys pants The always wore the knees out from playing on their knees on the blacktop play ground at school. They also wore out the toes of their shoes. That I couldn't put patches on. The picture reminds me of a card the boys got in scouts when they got their toting' chip and were allowed to carry pocket knives. They had to learn how to use them safely before the card was given to them. I used to carry a pocket knife too on my keychain. It came in handy often. Now I'm wondering whatever happened to it.