Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Fleas and Ferals

 Automobiles from another era:

 ahhhh, Nice Mercedes!

For today:

I don’t mind trying what I can to relieve the kitties and cats of their flea aggravation, plus our possible home infestation.

The flea collars were close to $8 each and have done no good in my estimation.

I ordered “Vets*Best” non toxic natural Cat Flea protection. Made from all-natural ingredients. I had the great idea of spraying them. OUCH I was nearly clawed badly when I tried. I learn slowly but I learn. I came up with the idea of wearing a cotton glove and spraying it GOOD with the stuff and then petting the cats, it works like a charm.

They are getting some relief.

These are feral cats. At times they run from me like I am carrying a machete to kill them. Other times will love me to pieces. We know in a few weeks we will leave them for up to 6 months.  During that time they will wander as they always have. Our neighbor Michelle will feed them when she can, she loves ‘em.

BUT we know that they will go into neighbor Jim’s abandoned homes, that is where they were born. It is an animal’s paradise and I am sure filled with fleas etc. Coons and possums frequent the two houses also.

WE are on a short dead end street or the city would have already condemned the houses. This town/county’s inspectors are like most, they will not make decisions like this until there are complaints or it is an open eye sore for the city.

Since we are the only citizens that drive past Jim’s houses we are the only ones likely to complain; BUT I will not, I have too much respect for Jim, and what he was. He is also a friend, so we will let it play out however it does.

If we did catch all five of them and get them to a vet for ‘a flea shot’ in 3 months it would be the same.

So we will do what we can while we are here...

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yaya said...

You are kind to feed and help them. I would suggest getting animal control to round them up and then they could find permanent homes. Our animal shelter doesn't take cats but we have a lady in town who runs a cat rescue and gets them fixed and vetted and then adopted out. Just a suggestion. But I don't know how your area works. Abandoned homes are trouble. Our Mayor has really put an all out effort to get rid of them after a man murdered 2 women in one. Even little towns like ours has a bit of crime! Take care now!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you got your hands full with the kitties. And to think, It all started with a little stray named Stormy.


Chatty Crone said...

I know you really want to help them and it is hard to leave them in that condition - but you really have done your best.

Mevely317 said...

How I love your tender hearts! Some days are harder than others.

betty said...

Well if you can keep the cats out of your house and away from you for a bit so the fleas don't jump on your clothes etc, those flea bombs that will de-flea a house work well. You just have to be out of the house for so many hours. We've used those in the past. We also used flea traps that we got at the store. Like fly paper. That picked up a lot of the fleas too. Its a battle to get rid of them once then take root.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Over here we have pills you give a dog and it acts as flea control. Is there such a thing for cats?

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, as long as they continue to roam there they will continue to have fleas. But the shot and the spray should help in the meantime. You can only do the best with them for the present.

Dar said...

That was pretty ingenious to think of the gloves...great idea and if it does give the kitties a bit of relief, all the better. I can see how the abandoned houses can become a problem if not properly sealed. Your hearts are in the right place. I'd taken a ferral cat in during the dead of a bitter winter night, Midnight was his name. He became the family pet too.
loven'hugs from up north in our heat and hot tomatoes right off the vine. I see a thick tomato sandwich for lunch.