Sunday, August 15, 2021

Games people play

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1956 Pontiac Club de Mer concept car

For today:

Sherry and I have played a few board and card games over the years. I like Scrabble but am not good at it. We have enjoyed Monopoly, Sorry and some I cannot remember right now.

We both play a couple individual card games nightly on the monitors. I do Free Cell, Spider Solitaire and Solitaire. Sherry does too but adds Hearts.  



A couple years ago we visited Old friends Marian and Dal and they taught us to play Mexican Train.  It is a game using dominoes, if you are like me and never heard of it.

I always thought dominos were just for making those little fall ore snakes where you stood the on end close together in lines, circles or crooks and pushed one ore and watched the reaction. LOL

We do not play a complete game ever night but break it up into 4 nights. We have modified the rules some to fit our needs, and it speeds the game up some.

I know folks up in the cold sections of our country spend a lot of time reading and playing games during the cold winters.

We have found that Mexican Train works well for our schedule leaving lots of time for the computer and reading.  It also allows us a little personal time which is good for us, I think.

What games do you enjoy? Do you play individual games or join in one or two?




betty said...

I love Scrabble! That's why I enjoy playing Word with Friends and similar online :) When we play games here, we play Yahtzee, chess, and card games like rummy. Keeps the mind sharp I do believe! Son had a girlfriend years ago that taught us Dominoes but I can't remember it much to play it these days. Found a big bag of Dominoes at a garage sale and bought it. Gave it to the wee one and his sister. They had fun setting the Dominoes up to then knock them down. Their dog jumped over their creation and didn't destroy it. We got it on video and we still laugh about it to this day, months later :)


Unknown said...

I am hopeless when it comes to playing cards. I guess because it doesn't interest me. My aunts love poker and used to have poker card parties until the wee hours of the morning. They did that for years. One card game I love is UNO. It's addictive and I can play endless rounds of that.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I play chess on the computer. The computer always wins. It is good at chess. But useless at kick-boxing!!!

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

Gosh, I've not played anything but Solitaire in years. About the time I was 14, my aunt was visiting and taught us to play Canasta. How I enjoyed that, but not having anyone to join me, it soon waned. Later I tried to learn chess, but obviously it was above my pay grade. After my father passed, mother was invited to join a ladies Bridge club. She'd never played a day in her life, but they were kind and she soon caught on.
Fun topic!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Living in the north we have played a lot of games. Good entertainment for a cold winter night. I used to play solitaire and canasta, but haven't played either for quite a while. We did just play yatzee over the weekend. We were outdoors and DD had dice the size of a small box. We put them in a basket to shake them up and then threw them out on the grass. It was lots of fun for the young and the old. I have played bridge but like to talk too much and my fellow card players did not appreciate that, they said I needed to concentrate and stop talking so much. We all need to play games at times. They are fun for all ages .

Dar said...

There are 5-6 of us that gather quite often to play Gin 13, Tricks and Farkle. But my two favorites are Scrabble and Cribbage. We play a lot of yard games as well...especially Corn Hole and yard Golf where a double ended string of balls are tossed on a stand of 3 different height ladder rungs for scoring.
All the kids love Sorry and All The Kings Men, a board game of chess. They're sure good at it and now all the Grandloves play the real game of Chess...too smart for me. I have a hard enough time thinking one move ahead let alone several. lol. We do love games tho, and keeping all of our minds busy. When we play cards with our 6 Pack of elders, Tuesdays and Thursdays are Mama's therapy days. Bill says she has to shuffle and deal cards when it's her turn to keep her arthritic fingers nimble. lol and at the card table, she is not mom, she's no favoritism. We do have a great time.
loven'hugs from our fair weather north where today we spread our aunts ashes 'round the ol'apple tree. God is good.