Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Not everyone can be alone


For today:

Some people are not cut out to be ‘solitary workers’. My son Mark was the best worker I ever hired, bar none. There was/is one big difference in him and me, he hates to work alone.

There were plenty of times in our construction history he and I built houses, except for heating and air. Once while building a spec (speculative) home I went out to the truck to get something and there was a piece of drywall (sheetrock) with a note on it. It was written by Mark. I smiled as I read it, “Dad can I build a house?”

I carried that scrap back into the newly framed house where we were hanging drywall. He saw me with the note. I said, “Son of course you can build a house, what do you think we are doing now?” I smiled, he was uncomfortable.

He was embarrassed and said, “Would you help me start building on my own? I know where there is an empty lot. I hoped you would help me buy it for my first house.”

I told him of course I would help him get started.  He did and he built a beautiful two story house, BUT it was during the time that home loans went as high as 23%, it was near impossible to sell a house. It finally sold at cost.

Once he was on his own, he used subcontractors to build but in between subs the building site was lonely. He needed someone with whom to talk. He hired a good all-round worker who could fill in, clean up etc.  I have laughingly accused Mark of paying someone to talk to.

A person who is ‘hearing impaired or hearing challenged’ eventually gets tired of using the refrains, “HUH?  What? I’m sorry? I did not understand that? Etc!” There were times that I just shrugged or something, that would indicate to the speaker that I had understood, when I did not.

I became more of a loner, I could easily live as a recluse but Sherry does not deserve that. She NEEDS friends and a normal life.  As I type this she is with lifelong friends for her weekly few hours of comradery. She knows that I am miserable in crowds now and understands, I think. LOL


PS: I kept that small piece of drywall with Mark’s note on it for many years as a reminder of the great times we had working together.





I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my on the back, hope it's nothing bad. I've had to work alone for a long time, but I do think it is more fun when you have someone to do it with. Glad you could help your son get started so he wouldn't have to do it alone. You are a very good dad.

Mevely317 said...

I've learned so much from you about dealing with Tom's hearing loss. (Some days are better than others ...)

Love hearing about the working relationship you forged with Mark. That's funny about paying someone to talk to. 😆

I hope you're feeling a little better today?

betty said...

I thrive on being alone lol. Different strokes for different folks, right? That was great that you were able to help Mark get started building houses! Learning from a pro like you was very helpful I would imagine.

Hope the back is doing a little better today!


Glenda said...

Assuming you put a heating pad on your back, then a cold pack? Do you have any vertebrae that are problematic? You could take some OTC pain relivers and find a reikki (Japanese therapy) healer in your area. When I had an incredibly painful sciatica attack, I was referred to one who "cured" it! She put me on the floor and inserted a tennis ball under my hip and rolled me on it bingo! No.More.Pain. Hopefully, the pain will dissipate, perhaps Sherry would give you a back rub with coconut oil? HUGS. Love y'all, Glenda

Candy said...

Beautuful memory Jack, Hope you heal well & soon! 💜