Thursday, August 5, 2021

One sweet experience, At the hospital,

Automobiles from another era:

1919 Dodge Brothers Car, this car was NEW when Anna (not her real name) was born.


For today:

It is that time of the year. My appointment is next week. It is a practice by my Doctor to have me go for my blood work a week ahead of time. Sherry goes with me as my ears.

We sat across from another older couple. People traffic was light, no one else waiting.  I could tell the man was hard of hearing like myself, so I started joking with him (them) about him and I having to take our ears with us.

The young lady who took my blood was good at her job, and I told her so. She smiled big. I returned before the other guy got back. Sherry and the other wife had ENJOYED their time alone.

Sherry, “Jack, Anna here is 98 years old.” I had thought she was about our age or younger. She was one bubbly woman.

She smiled and said, “Watch this!”

She hit the floor did a push up, folded onto the floor in a Yoga position; she then half stood and took a couple more Yoga positions. I was cracking up and amazed. WE talked a little longer. Her husband had a tough time walking and I learned he was 10 years her junior.

I must tell you that lady was a breath of fresh air.  I appreciate my VA, even more now that my visit there was so rewarding. Ain’t it great to meet someone who can make you smile?

As we were leaving them her final words were, “Stretch....., Stretch daily,..... that is the secret.”

I kick myself for not getting their picture. But I will look for them every time we go to the VA from now on. I do hope we get to meet them again.


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Lisa said...

Wow. I want to be like her when I grow up. Maybe yoga is the secret.

Form gtown

Mevely317 said...

What a neat encounter! People like that make me sit up a little straighter.

Unknown said...

Good for her.

betty said...

Wow, I think I better start stretching!


My Tata's Cottage said...

Oh I LOVE people like that! My friend Bea is 91 and walks everywhere. She is such a character. I have always admired her since we worked together for many years. I need to get up and move more. That lady was 100% right! Hoping all is well on your end of the world. Happy weekend Sherry and Jack!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a lovely lady. She cheered me up too.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How wonderful to be in such good shape at that age. I can only hope. I'm not that good at alamos 78. I want for blood work this week and had quite a long wait, but didn't meat anyone like you did. They had the TV on and I watched Betty White. Another great person that has aged very well.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - wonderful post Jack.

Dar said...

Such a wonderful encounter. The lil'lady reminds me of my mom. At 92, she still does her stretches and she's doing quite well. The Itis Brothers, Arthur and Burt, bother her joints quite a bit but she bites the bullet and carries on. She's my inspiration. Loved your VA visit with you. Have a great weekend.
loven'hugs from our north where weather is supposed to turn to much needed rain for a few days. I pray for gentler garden rains.

Glenda said...

That was a day brightener for sure! We're cloud covered down here and have had a torrential rain storm, AGAIN!
Love from Chobee, Glenda